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The Perfect Client Pipeline Review (Healthpreneur)


Yuri Elkaim has a blueprint that predictably attracts perfect clients and scales a health coaching business to 6- or 7-figures without the grind. And without being glued to social media, making content no one ever sees, having a large following, speaking on stages, writing a bestselling book, or running some stupid challenge. This is the exact system Yuri and his clients have used to generate more than $217 million in sales so far. Read on for my review.

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Yuri’s the founder and CEO of Healthpreneur, where he helps health and fitness experts get clients and scale their business online, faster and with fewer headaches. Before that, he had a 7-figure exit from his own health business. Today he’s a husband, father to four young boys, and loves all animals and long walks on the beach. Yuri’s 1st Law, so to speak, is that everyone wants a specialist. If you’re a generalist, your business is going to zero eventually; it’s only a matter of time.

If you try to help everyone, your message gets diluted. It complicates your delivery because everyone you sell to is so different. It’s therefore impossible to scale. And you’re constantly lowering your price to stay competitive. As a specialist, on the other hand, you can be picky about who you work with. You can charge more. You become a market leader over time. The demand to work with you builds. Fulfillment is streamlined because all of your clients are essentially the same person. So more sales won’t slow you down.

Yuri’s 2nd Law is you don’t need to be Dr. Oz-famous to be financially free. You start off helping one person. You market their transformation. You help a second person. Market their transformation. And you keep going. More proof leads to more desire for your services, which leads to more influence and income. So again, your goal shouldn’t be to get more strangers liking your shirtless selfies on Insta, it should be to acquire the skills you need to impact more people—to actually be great at what you do.

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Speaking of which, Yuri’s 3rd Law is you need to sell transformations, not transactions. You need to empower each client to do what needs done to get the result they’re after, while providing accountability along the way. Some call this productizing your service. You’re moving from doctoring to coaching. This allows you to help 10x more people in a fraction of the time. Meanwhile, your clients get better outcomes that actually last for the long-term. What’s not to like? It’s a true win-win.

Yuri’s 4th Law is complexity fails, simplicity scales. Unless you’re Russell Brunson, having a gazillion products and a gazillion funnels will only overwhelm you. And trying to blog and upload YouTube videos and post to Instagram and humiliate yourself on TikTok only works when you have a huge, talented team behind you. Find the single path up the mountain that’s the fastest, smartest, and safest for you. Which is gonna be one target market, one offer, one funnel… and get it to $1 million in revenue. Then if you wanna try new things, be Yuri’s guest.

Yuri’s 5th and final Law is to be the client you wanna attract. Don’t expect others to pay top dollar to work with you if you’re not even willing to invest in a mentor yourself. This one’s self-serving but still true. You attract who you are. If you’re cynical and cheap, just barreling towards death and decay, those are the types of people who’re gonna show up on your calendar. Which is the perfect segue to snag a spot on Yuri’s calendar over at Healthpreneur Training dot com. Couldn’t find pricing but I was impressed by what I just heard.

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