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90 Day Pipeline Review (Ahmad Munawar)

Boutique Growth

Ahmad Munawar helps consultants and B2B service providers attract more premium-paying clients. His 90 Day Pipeline program will show you how, even if you suck at marketing and sales and you’re crazy busy. But will it really bring you five and six figure consulting deals in the next three months, as Ahmad implies? How much does it cost? Find out below, in my 90 Day Pipeline review.

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Ahmad Munawar went from struggling solopreneur to building a million dollar consulting business with amazing clients all over the world. He did this in three short years by focusing on the three essentials of pipeline success. First is power positioning. Potential clients need to understand why you’re the absolute best choice for them. Number two is the results mechanism. You have to show them how you’ll get them the results they’re after. Third is leadership marketing; being seen as a mover and shaker in your industry.

When you do all three, you can charge more and get away with it. Demand for your service will outpace supply, so you’ll always have new business waiting for you. New clients will believe in you and expectations will be set properly from the start; onboarding and fulfillment will run smoother. Turnover will lessen. You’ll feel more in control, more stable, and more certain of your future.

Interested in knowing more? Ahmad asks you to book a 15 minute pipeline call. He promises they won’t try to pitch or sell you anything on this call. Instead, they’ll ask where you’re at with these three pipeline pillars and offer some advice on how to strengthen each one. You’ll leave knowing exactly what to do in the immediate future to get more clients and charge higher fees in your consulting business.


My guess is, at the end of that call, assuming you liked what you heard, Ahmad’s sales rep will at least mention their 90 Day Pipeline course. One website mentioned the cost was $8,000 to enroll. That seems like a lot, but I suppose if you caught one or two whales with it, it would pay for itself. And based on the dozens and dozens of video interviews and testimonials for 90 Day Pipeline, I’d say people are pretty happy with it.

Then you have to look at Ahmad Munawar and how he comes off. Is he slick-talking? Did he use lifestyle marketing to lure you in? Does he make any outrageous income claims? Were there any little white lies you picked up on in his funnel? Does he seem like someone who would rip you off? For me, the answer to all of those questions is no. And that’s rare in the coaching space. So I’m fine giving the green light on Ahmad’s 90 Day Pipeline offer.

The only objection I could possibly throw out there is that, perhaps, there are easier ways to earn the income you’re after. Like, with our business model, no it’s not for everyone, but it does have its advantages over consulting. For one, you never have to run an ad. Two, you can be behind the scenes. Three, you sidestep pipelines, positioning, and sales altogether by handing out results in advance. Four, it’s true recurring revenue for the long-term. I’ll lay it all out for you on the next page. Tap below.

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