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Enopoly Automation Review (Vlad Varizhuk)


Vlad Varizhuk says the real flex today is being able to have time freedom. Not cars and jewelry and whatever other liabilities the gurus try to lure you in with. Just to be able to take a nap on a Monday afternoon, for example, that’s what it’s about. Something Vladdy can do because of his automated ecommerce stores. “Not normal stores, not brick and mortar,” he says, “it’s a click and order society, guys. Everyone is shopping online. And you already know you need to be involved in it as a seller.”

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But maybe you don’t have the time or the skills or the manpower to build your own online empire, right? Well that’s where Vlad’s Enopoly Automation comes in. “See, guys, this is a fully automated business,” he says. “The catch? It’s not free and it’s not cheap. But, if you’re someone that’s a busy professional, either you work a full-time job or run a full-time business, and are looking to expand your portfolio, and wanna earn some passive income? This could be something for you.”

“And look, having an online business in today’s world? It’s not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. But not just any online business; an online business with a proven concept. See, we’re leveraging the largest marketplaces in the world. Like Amazon, Walmart, and also Facebook Marketplace. These marketplaces hold millions, hundreds of millions of shoppers. And we’re leveraging all three of them to maximize the opportunity. That means, a lot of people to sell to, a lot of data, and not having to guess or spend money on advertising.”

“And the best part is? We do all of the work for you. Literally from A to Z, is handled by us. And you? You’re the capital partner. Because the truth is, building an online business takes a lot of time, a lot of skill, and a lot of headaches. So, we’re gonna do all of that for you. We’re gonna put highly trained employees on your store. They’re gonna do product research, purchase the products, manage inventory, customer service, the returns, literally everything that goes into this business.”


Vlad’s not afraid to address the elephant in the room, either. Why are they doing this, right? “Well, why does McDonald’s offer franchises?” he says. “Why do real estate investors raise private capital? It’s simple. It makes businesses a lot more money. You see, the more stores we build, the more money we make you, the more money we make.” Fair enough. Now, the thing that stuck out about Enopoly Automation, to me, is that they don’t put all their eggs in one ecom basket.

They recommend you set up stores on all three platforms: Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook. For Amazon and Walmart, they’ll do wholesaling; dropshipping for Facebook. But this way, if one of them underperforms or you get yourself banned, you don’t lose your entire income. “Now you’re experiencing the true power of ecommerce, leveraging the largest platforms available to you today, and making a passive stream of income. And our team becomes your team. You get to sit back and do what you gotta do,” Vlad says.

All right, what’s this gonna cost? Obviously, a hands-free set of ecom stores that puts two grand, five grand, ten grand or more in your pocket each month? Yeah, that’s gonna be pricey. And it is. According to Vlad, you’ve got three options. Option number one: thirty K up front, and you chop the profits fifty-fifty. (You’d need a minimum of thirty K in working capital as well.) Option two: forty K up front, for a sixty-forty split in your favor. (Fifty K minimum in working capital.) Option three: fifty K up front, seventy-thirty split in your favor. (Minimum of a hundred thousand in working capital.)

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