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NXJ Automation Review (Walmart)


Nolan Johnson is the founder of NXJ Automation. You’ve seen his ads on social media. The Lambo, the G-Wagen, with the NXJ dot Marketing logo. Touting his Walmart automation service. You provide the money, they’ll make it multiply, right? But is the ecom entrepreneur from Scottsdale, Arizona actually legit? Has he really done forty-eight million in sales, as his Instagram states? And does he, himself, make any money selling on Walmart? Or is his lavish lifestyle all funded by selling you the dream? Read on for my NXJ Automation review.

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How does Nolan’s Walmart automation service work? Walmart dot com is very similar now to eBay and Amazon. They allow you to become a third party seller, leverage their platform, and make sales, Nolan explains. Their website gets over four hundred million visitors per month. With only thirty-something-thousand third party sellers, that leaves a lot of untapped potential for you. Nolan’s team has access to warehouses full of products you can list there.

When someone buys from your Walmart listing, NXJ orders it from their source for about half what the customer paid on Walmart. It gets shipped directly to them. You pocket most of the difference. (Walmart takes a little, NXJ takes a little.) You never see or touch the product. NXJ Automation will set up the store in your name, do the product research, create the listings, fulfill, even handle all customer service. It’s almost like you’re buying into your own Walmart franchise.

What makes NXJ Automation better than all the other done-for-you Walmart offers? “We have a one hundred percent success rate,” Nolan claims. “All of our seller accounts have gotten approved. We have zero suspended stores. And all of our clients are making money on the platform. Also, our customer support. We are available for call, text, or email twelve hours a day. We make sure everything is running smooth and everyone is being taken care of.”


They also have a custom software that ensures the products listed in your Walmart store are in stock. If not, it removes the listing automatically. This protects against refunds, complaints, and poor store metrics, all of which make it harder to sell going forward. Speaking of which, what types of products would you be selling? Anything you’d see in an actual Walmart store. Food, clothing, toys, electronics, patio furniture, you name it.

What is required of you? Nothing, says Nolan. NXJ Automation handles everything, literally A to Z. You can put your feet up, sip some coffee, and watch sales trickle in on your Walmart seller’s app. You will have access to your store. You’ll be able to see everything they’re doing. But please don’t mess with any of the settings, Nolan warns. What are the profit margins? You can expect to take home about twenty-five percent of gross revenue.

You will need as much open credit as possible, as there is about a two week lag for Walmart to pay you. That said, you only buy (drop ship) products once someone orders from Walmart. And since most products are marked up at least double, it’s impossible to lose money. Nolan doesn’t see saturation being an issue anytime soon. How much does NXJ Marketing cost? It’s fifty thousand dollars. Plus the open credit line you need. Nolan did not share any examples of him doing this himself. At the end of his pitch, he backtracks and says he cannot guarantee results.

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