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Real Ecom Empire Review (Walmart Automation)


Raphael Vargas and Dylan Baker are on a yacht, wearing glasses (even when inside), and sipping bubbly in their latest YouTube ad. “Just another completely free day living life with passive income,” Raphael says. And they want you to experience the same thing. And, apparently, their Walmart Automation service is how you’ll do it. Skeptical? So am I. Scroll down for my Real Ecom Empire review.

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Last year Raphael and Dylan made more than 250 hands-free ecom stores for clients just like you. Dylans holds up his phone and shows one such store that did $6,159.23 in net profit in one month’s time. “We want to build you an ecommerce store, fully automated, with our team of ecom experts,” Raphael explains.

“We’ve been doing this for over four years; can do literally everything for you from A to Z; from product research to product fulfillment, the listing of the products, managing your store, literally A to Z; you don’t have to move a muscle, so you can get back to living a free life, just like me and my business partner are obviously doing,” he adds, before clinking glasses with Dylan who, hilariously, wasn’t allowed to speak.

If you click on any of their ads and sign up for the free case study, you’ll be redirected to a private page with a short video overview, some frequently asked questions, social proof, and of course, a calendar where you can apply for one of the “extremely limited” spots that are left. After going through everything with a fine tooth comb, here’s what you need to know.

Raphael and Dylan’s Real Ecom Walmart Marketplace Automation Service includes the following:

  • 100% fully automated A to Z Walmart marketplace store
  • Professionally trained VAs working on your store all day every day
  • Product research and listings
  • Inventory management
  • Order processing and fulfillment
  • Customer service and reviews
  • No annual fee
  • All backed by an 18 month money-back guarantee
Raphael Dylan

Your responsibility? Literally nothing, they claim. Other than shoulder the entire risk. Which, oh by the way, is about as big as the yacht they were just on. Are you sitting down? Real Ecom Empire’s done for you Walmart store will cost you $25k. Then you’ll need $30k to $50k open on a credit card to cover inventory. And then, if you’re lucky enough to turn a profit, Raphael and Dylan take 25% off the top.

And there’s no guarantee your Walmart store will be a success. But even if it is, it could take a year or so before it’s firing on all cylinders. That’s assuming Real Ecom doesn’t jack something up and get you banned. So who’s in? Uh, not me. Not even with that year and a half refund policy. Because, let’s face it, your money will be long gone by that point; Raphael and The Man Of Few Words will have spent it on their next exotic.

Of all the reviews I’ve done on all the shady offers, this one might take the cake. If setting up and scaling Walmart stores was anywhere near as awesome as Raphael and Dylan claim, they wouldn’t be going to such great lengths to do all the dirty work and then hand it over to you. And don’t give me the “one Walmart store per person” excuse. You think a dude who looks like Raphael Vargas wouldn’t find a way around that? Please.

The reality is this: Raphael and Dylan will get rich for sure selling this; you’ll risk close to six figures to maybe make a few grand a month, a year or two from now, if everything goes perfectly. Which it won’t. And if I’m right, you walk away with nothing. No skills, no experience, no data, no customer list, nothing. But hey, maybe Real Ecom will take pity on you and hire you to serve them Rosé when they charter their next yacht.

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