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Walmart Automation Alliance Review

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Walmart Automation Alliance: if you’re reading this, you’ve seen their YouTube ad. You know, the one with the paid actor, above, reading from a script? Touting their done-for-you Walmart dropshipping service as the opportunity of a lifetime? Yeah. That one. Where do I even start? So many questions.

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The ad kicks off with a bold prediction: that, in just a few years, Walmart could overtake Amazon as the number one ecommerce site in the world. So if you’ve been hit over the head with other ads telling you to start your own Amazon store or dropship with Amazon or do Amazon FBA, listen up. Because that ship has sailed, the mystery man says. It’s too crowded. Whereas, Walmart just opened their doors to dropshippers. So there’s no competition right now.

“When the largest company in the world decides to go all in on something and they give you an opportunity to join them, you don’t wait, you act immediately,” he says. And if you’re worried you don’t know where to start, don’t be. Automation Services has your back. (That’s the name of the YouTube channel that uploaded this vague video and set it to unlisted. Who, oh by the way, has no public videos, no website, no social media, nothing.)

But who cares because they’re going to build you a completely automated Walmart dropshipping store, and hand it over to you, ready to go. Although, it’s weird: despite this opportunity being brand new, they’ve somehow already built and scaled multiple Walmart stores to six and seven figures. Hmm. “We call this Walmart Automation because our team handles everything from A to Z for you,” he explains.

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Blah, blah. Act now to get your slice of this $20 billion dollar (and rapidly-growing) pie. Blah, blah. Click the link below to discover what Walmart Automation is all about. And with that, the actor who they probably hired off of Fiverr signs off. Ay yi yi. If you couldn’t tell, I’m skeptical.

Why use an actor? Why is there no real brand associated with this offer? Are we actually to believe that Walmart will catch and surpass Amazon in terms of e-comm market share? How have you gotten such great results if it literally just opened up? If it’s truly a blue ocean, why not just keep it to yourself? Why not continue scaling your own Walmart stores? What does this cost? Do you take a percentage of the profits? Is there any guarantee? How about case studies from past clients?

Too many unanswered questions. Too many red flags. My concern would be that they get you on the phone and hard-close you on a $10k to $30k service that sounds like it’s all but guaranteed to make you rich; only, it won’t. But they’ll say, “Just be patient. It can take six months or so to really get it dialed in.” But by that time, they’ll have blown your entire investment on private flights to the Bahamas and burnt-orange Lamborghinis, so good luck getting it back. Just a hunch.

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