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Consulting For Equity Review (Roland Frasier)


Roland Frasier is the cofounder of Scalabe.co, Traffic & Conversions, DigitalMarketer, and War Room. He believes you can get paid to vet deals that lead to cash and equity (meaning ownership). How it came about is, he got sick of everyone asking him for advice, so he was like, “Okay, sure, I’ll meet with ya. It’s eighteen grand for half a day.” It was more to protect his time than anything; he didn’t think anybody’d take him up on it. Until they did.

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So then he raised his price to twenty-five K, and whaddya know, people paid it. “But my goal,” Roland explains, “is that this is my side hustle; it’s not my main thing. And it can be for you too. You can get some extra money up front. And two, you can get equity in some of these businesses, and that equity can build, significantly, into real wealth. For me, it’s been tens of millions of dollars over the last few months. That’s pretty crazy, right?”

There’s no money out of pocket. It’s really just solving the problems of the people who ask you for advice. Don’t think you’re qualified? Nonsense, Roland says. If you’ve got a business, if you’ve had any sort of success, you have specialized knowledge you can share with others. And the key is, you only work with people who’re generating a profit already. They’re already winners, right? So they’ll take your advice and actually do something with it and reap the rewards.

Questions you should ask prospects: What’s your end game? If you could wave a magic wand and get a certain outcome, what would it be? What are the biggest challenges that you’re facing right now? How ’bout the biggest constraints or roadblocks in your way? Also, who are the people that you would most like to be connected to? Depending on their answers, you’ll know, right away, whether or not their expectations are realistic and if you can truly help them.

Equity Consulting

Think about what types of clients you’d like to consult for. What industry are they in? How big’s their company? How profitable are they? Then determine the type of consulting you wanna offer. Will you help them with operations? Or just sit on some sorta advisory board? Will it be transactional, like helping them launch a new product or get into a new store? Or will it be performance-based, where you come in and actually help them take the company to the next level?

The main way you’ll get new clients is referrals. From past clients, from your accountant, your financial advisor, attorney, lender, realtor, what have you. Then there’s networking, and all the usual stuff. Social media, creating content, running ads, masterminds, public speaking, cold calling, mailers. Just remember though, all equity plus no cash equals you’re broke. You need both. A consulting fee plus equity. Them paying you cash up front also ensures you’re getting someone who’s serious about this, right?

Roland Frasier is a brilliant businessman. Consulting For Equity is a smart idea that’s clearly working well for him and some of the multimillionaires he runs with. But let’s be honest. Some small-time affiliate marketer or struggling drop shipper or barely-getting-by remote closer, who sees Roland’s ad for this, is probably not gonna have people lined up to hand them thousands of dollars for a few hours of their time plus give them part of their business moving forward. I feel like this is more for the one percenters.

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