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Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas (5 Hot Niches)

David Kollie

Are you wanting to start a YouTube channel where you don’t have to show your face, but you’re struggling to pick a niche? Not a problem. YouTube automation expert David Omari has you covered. First and foremost, you can’t go wrong with sports, he says. It’s always a fan favorite. People love their sports, so it’s a passionate audience. And with all the big names and teams, there’s a ton of traffic and views to be had. So yeah. NBA, NFL, golf, soccer, you name it.

Another advantage of the sports niche is you don’t have to rely on great ideas to go viral. You simply find clips, for example, of Steph sinking an impossibly-long 3 or Ja Morant posterizing somebody with a tomahawk dunk or the buzzer beater from last night or that fight that broke out, chop ’em up, add some graphics plus or minus a little voice over, and voila, you’ve got viral content. And since you’re not targeting children, you should see above average CPMs. Meaning, more ad revenue.

What else? Gaming. Which is one of David’s personal faves because that’s where he got started back in the day. “The reason why gaming’s so cool for the faceless side of YouTube,” he explains, “is because, by default, you never have to show your face with gaming content. Just get some way to record your game play, break it down in your editor, and upload it to your YouTube channel. And you’ll start getting views from there. For whatever reason, people love watching video game content on YouTube.”

“YouTube is so big when it comes to gaming videos that they actually have their own section on the platform that is strictly for gaming,” David continues. “So, this is a really great niche. It has a really large audience. And there are so many different games to choose from. It gives you variety. You’re not just stuck creating videos about one thing. And if you don’t wanna create the gaming content yourself, you could do a compilation video of the most viral gaming footage that’s already out there.”

David Omari

The third no-face channel idea, of course, is celebrities. There’s a bazillion of these already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find your own lane and model what’s working. You could cover drama from the cast of the Real Housewives shows or rappers that are beefing or heck, you could practically do an entire channel on Will and Jada’s messed up marriage. The possibilities are endless. Find a similar channel, mimic their upload schedule, video length, thumbnails, titles, descriptions, the whole thing.

Fourth is the top 10 niche. Compiling the top 10 whatever, right? You make a video about the top 10 most expensive cars in the world. Then another one on the 10 fastest cars in the world. Or you don’t even have to stick to the same theme. One video could be about cars, the next could be about food, then songs, then movies, memes, and on and on. It’s nice ’cause you’re not limited in range or scope. You can bounce around as often as you’d like, make content that interests you, and pull in people from every corner of YouTube.

David saved the best for last. His fifth and final faceless channel idea—one that’s crushing it right now—is the luxury niche. People wanna visit the best beaches, buy the finest clothes, dine at the top restaurants, stay in the sickest hotels, have the hottest shoes and handbags and sunglasses, right? And let’s not forget homes and penthouses and mansions and yachts. Only, unlike top 10 videos, David recommends you go deep on one thing. You’ll get more traction that way. But there you have it. Proven ways to make money on YouTube without showing your mug.

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