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Freedom Travel Systems Review (Eli Facenda)


Eli Facenda can help ya get 5-10x more first class trips entirely on credit card points. No wasted time or headaches. Martini sold separately. When done right, you can enjoy more luxury travel experiences without feeling wasteful or getting gouged at every turn. But Eli gets it. You’re skeptical. So was he when he first heard about this kinda stuff like nine years ago. But he really wanted to travel more, so he began studying. He spent thousands of hours reading blogs and articles and credit card websites.

It paid off. Literally. These days, Eli The Travel Guy gets around $100,000 per year worth of luxury travel, entirely free, thanks to his points. (He spends $10- to $20k a month to achieve this.) He’s been to more than 40 different countries; flown on the fanciest flights; stayed at the sickest resorts. Now he’s got an entire team helping hundreds of clients to do the same. Eli’s strategies are completely legal and ethical, but the airlines, hotels, and credit card companies try to keep you in the dark for a reason.

“These are the same methods that our director of travel used to get over $250k last year alone, while spending less than $15k a month,” Eli brags. “He stayed in amazing overwater villas, flew first class all around the world, even brought his dad out for an epic trip. And it’s the same strategy our client Chad leveraged to get a $40k six-person family trip to Europe. This game of credit card points and optimizing this whole area gives you the permission slip, the justification to take the trips and live the experiences you’ve always wanted to have.”

You’re an entrepreneur. You’re hard-working, you’re driven, ambitious, motivated. All great qualities. But it’s a double-edged sword, isn’t it? Like, it’s hard to get outta your own way. You feel guilty taking time off, guiltier splurging on extravagant vacations, right? But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could tap into points programs offered by banks and airlines and hotel loyalty programs to get so much extra value, it’d almost be stupid not to travel? ‘Cause that’s what Eli’s proposing here. Scroll down, keep reading.

Eli First Class

“Why’s this so powerful?” Eli asks, teeing it up perfectly for himself. “Because there’s a discrepancy between how airlines and hotels charge on points versus how the travel portals do it, which creates a massive arbitrage opportunity. For example, last summer, I stayed at this high-end resort in Italy for three nights with my girlfriend. Normal cost would’ve been $4,500. If I were to go to the travel portal, that’s 450,000 points. (Because you’re getting a fixed value of one cent per point.) But when I converted my Chase points into Hyatt? It was only 105,000 points.”

That little move saved Eli 345,000 points and $4,500 in cash. But it didn’t stop there. He was able to get upgraded to this baller Laguna View Suite—complete with welcome gift, free breakfast, ocean view, the works—because of how he was spending to get status. When you factor that in, the savings was closer to 800,000 points. Smoother than a pick-up artist wearing a silk shirt, huh? Now. Don’t worry, this isn’t some sketchy MLM or black market travel tactic. And you won’t have to open up 20 new credit cards in order for this to work.

It’s replicable, repeatable, and you can use it with pretty much any airline or hotel chain. But you need to learn these secrets now more than ever. The cost of travel has gone up 200% year over year. Luxury travel’s even worse. Which is why Eli believes this is the golden era of travel hacking. When you use points optimally, no accommodation or destination or excursion is out of reach. Eli’s Freedom Travel Systems course will make sure of it. Book a call to find out the details and see what it costs. My only concern? Does it become a full-time job to manage all this?

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