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E-Farming Review (Igor Kheifets)

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List Building Lifestyle founder Igor Kheifets calls e-farming “the most exciting opportunity of the decade.” But what is it, exactly? And how do you get your slice of the pie before the masses catch on? I’ll let Igor explain. “E-farming saved my life,” he says. “Thanks to accidentally stumbling into this incredible opportunity, I was able to fire my boss and start making one hundred dollars a day online without any previous experience.” Read on for my e-farming review.

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“I was then able to scale my passive income to three hundred, five hundred, and even one thousand dollars per day,” Igor continues. “And I did it working from the comfort of my own home, on my own schedule. I no longer obsess about day-to-day living expenses or being able to pay for the ‘little extras,’ like a nanny to help around the house or a five figure home renovation project. I can work as much or as little as I want. All thanks to having multiple streams of income through e-farming.”

Igor no longer has some jerk-of-a-boss to kiss up to. No begging months in advance just to get a day off. In fact, Igor travels with his wife and daughter whenever he feels like it, and oftentimes on a whim. Why not? He can e-farm from anywhere with WiFi. As long as he’s got his laptop, he’s good to go. A far cry from the dangerous chemical plant he used to slave away at for barely over minimum wage. Good for Igor, right? We still don’t have a clue what he means by e-farming.

Apparently, it’s a concept he would later coin after seeing self-help gurus like Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss and Joe Vitale and many more, all doing it on the internet. Igor found some lesser-known e-farmers who were still making good money with it (six or seven figures apiece) and asked them to mentor him. Weeks later, Igor received his first e-farming check in the mail. He kept rinsing and repeating and the checks multiplied. Even though Igor had zero skills or experience and very little money, it worked.


You know how brands pay influencers big bucks to promote their products? Yeah well, those same brands are spending even more on e-farmers like Igor. Which is funny considering Igor has basically no social media presence and all it takes him is like ten minutes of “work” to pull off. Yet, according to Forbes, for every dollar paid to an e-farmer, these companies get something like forty-two bucks back. “E-farming is building a database of people who ask to be kept informed, via email, about products and services that could benefit them,” Igor finally explains.

“It’s the opposite of spam,” Igor points out, “because the email addresses are obtained on a permission-basis. In other words, these people want to receive emails from you. It’s no wonder people like Barack Obama and Oprah and Tony Robbins are doing e-farming. They do it because it makes them a ton of money. But you don’t need to be world-famous to start making passive income with e-farming. There’s a simple three step system anyone can use to make money with e-farming, starting from scratch, in the next thirty days.”

Essentially, step one, you use solo ads to build your email list quickly. That’s where you pay someone with a big email list to send their subscribers an email from you. In that email, you give ’em a reason to sign up to your list. Step two, sign up to affiliate programs, grab your affiliate links, and start sprinkling them into your email drip campaign. Step three, fire away. Let your autoresponders go to work so you don’t have to. Hopefully you’ll see commissions coming in. Igor’s E-Farming Challenge costs two hundred bucks. Meh.

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