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Elite Affiliate Pro Review (Igor Kheifets)


Affiliate ace Igor Kheifets says there’s a new way to do affiliate marketing. He makes over $50,000 per week with it. And thanks to an ugly one page bridge site, he needs very little traffic. Is he full of it? Can he really teach you how to become a super affiliate yourself? How much does his course cost? Read on for my Elite Affiliate Pro review.

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After humble beginnings and a painfully slow start, today Igor Kheifets proudly brands himself “the #3-ranked super affiliate in the internet marketing space.” He loves affiliate marketing for the same reasons you do: there’s no need to create a product or service of your own; you don’t need a website; it’s bootstrap-friendly; you can get started quickly; there’s no customer support; it’s simple and scalable; affiliate marketing accounts for 15% of all online sales currently; and it’s growing year over year.

Okay Igor, if it’s so great, why do most affiliates fail? He lists a number of reasons. It’s hard to find a winning product. Takes a ton of testing. Doesn’t pay enough per sale. Requires way too much traffic (roughly 200 visitors just to get one conversion). You have to wait months to get paid out. High refund rate. Cutthroat competition means you need to be an authority in your niche and have a world-class skillset. Add it all up and it’s no wonder the little guy doesn’t stand a chance.

Luckily, Igor found a workaround. Instead of duking it out with millions of other affiliates all promoting the same handful of ClickBank offers, he began promoting private, high ticket webinar offers in the make money online space. If you think about it, it does solve most of the issues above. You make a beeline for offers you know will crush, so there’s no wasted energy. Exclusivity means less competition. Bigger, quicker payouts never hurts. The guru is the expert, so you don’t have to be. Basically, you can make NBA money with junior varsity skills.

Igor Solo Ads

You’ll still need a ton of traffic though, right? Ah, not so fast, says Igor. Remember that ugly one page bridge site he mentioned? That’s his secret sauce. All he does is, swipes a headline from the vendor’s site; makes a short selfie-style video to tell people why they should attend the webinar; adds a countdown timer (*eye roll); a photo and brief bio of the host; and a button that clicks over to the actual webinar registration page. The result? Double the number of signups!

In terms of profit, here’s how it plays out. An ordinary affiliate marketer might drive 200 people to a sales page and make one $30 commission. (Then hope and pray the buyer doesn’t refund.) With Igor’s process, he might make upwards of $4,000 from the same amount of traffic. Incredible, but he skipped two important details. How do we find and arrange these amazing, off-the-grid joint venture deals? And how do we get people to our own ugly bridge page? (Even if we do need less traffic overall?)

Enter Elite Affiliate Pro, Igor’s mentoring program to fill in the gaps. There’s so much stuff included in the course I won’t even bother listing it. In fact, my main complaint would be that he’s giving you too much garbage. I worry you might invest and be so overwhelmed you do nothing with it. Nonetheless, the cost is a one-time fee of $997. After that, probably some upsells. Unconditional 30 day money-back guarantee, which earns him some brownie points. But the fake scarcity (“First 25 buyers only”? Really Igor? You haven’t filled those 25 spots in the last umpteen months you’ve been running YouTube ads to promote this thing?) was a huge turnoff. Too slick for my taste.

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