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Life On Fire Business Review

Nicholas With Wife

These two drive me nuts. Nick and Megan Unsworth. Their Life On Fire Business Coaching is basically them saying, “Since our love for Jesus and your love for Jesus form a holy trifecta, shouldn’t your wallet contribute to the cause?”

But, please, allow me to elaborate. 

Nick believes God gave you unique gifts and talents. You have a message on the inside that others are waiting for and need to hear.

And there’s no better time than right now to unleash your God-given potential and live your life on fire.

Becoming an author, speaker and coach, according to Nick, is how you should go about it. It’s the fastest path to more income, influence and impact. You’ll be able to live large and bless others and honor God and contribute to the Kingdom.

The first step is to embrace their “Give First” business model. Which means “spam social media with tips you took from other gurus.” More or less.

The second step is to write a bestselling book. What’s that? You say you’re not an expert? And you can’t write to save your life? Not a problem. Be a reporter and interview other experts. They get exposure. You get your book and all the extra opportunities that come with it.

That brings us to step three. Speaking. Leverage the book you didn’t write to hop on Zooms and podcasts and stages. Tell them your incredible story.

Step four? Sell coaching. Charge a lot. That way, you can take cool vacations, snap selfies, and post to IG so you can sell even more coaching. Nick and Megan have this down pat.

When you give first and then become an author, speaker and coach? There’s this multiplication effect that happens. Your value and business success will compound faster than Nick can say the word Kingdom.

Look, Nick and Megan have been in your shoes. Back in the day, they tried everything. MLM, real estate, selling supplements, local businesses, you name it. For 10 years straight, all they did was fail at one thing after the next.

Megan Kingdom Biz

It was brutal. At one point, they were over $100,000 in debt. It got so bad, Nick was considering taking his own life.

So how’d they turn it around?

Nick borrowed money and hired a coach who showed him the way. Which is oddly convenient considering that’s what he’s about to ask you to do.

In fact, Nick has a hypothetical question for you. Would you invest $20k if you were 100% certain it would make you back $100k in the next 12 months? And a whole lot more after that?

If so, you’re exactly who he and Megan want booking a call on their calendar.

Guess who won’t be booking? Me.

There’s sooo much I don’t like about this offer.

The way they use religion to lower your guard. Encouraging you to fake it till ya make it. Sure, those are my words, not theirs. But is that not what’s going on here?

Let’s see, what else don’t I like? The eye-watering $20,000 price tag. (Remember, Nick borrowed money he didn’t have to pay his coach. Hint, hint. It’s okay, you’ll totally make it back!)

Last but not least, how many coaches who coach coaches can the internet support? I know it’s not the intent of any of these people, but when you zoom out, aren’t they all participating in a pyramid scheme?

In Nick and Megan’s ad, they say 2,551 people have enrolled in this program. If they were all successful and then their students were successful – and so on – soon the whole world would have a $20k coach.

Of course, that’ll never happen because most will fail. Same with any business, to be fair. But still, kinda funny to think about.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.