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Fully Managed Ecommerce Review (Iron Clad ROI)


Mike Matuz is the CEO of Fully Managed Agencies. He teamed up with a guy named Gino Fracchiolla, from Infiniti Marketing Group, to bring you Fully Managed Ecommerce. “We can find you an already cash flow-producing store, from ten to a hundred K a month, in the next thirty days, if you’re a serious investor,” Mike says. “Where we will purchase the store for you absolutely free. And so why are we doing this? It’s really simple.” Read on for my Iron Clad ROI review.

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Mike and Gino have apparently found all these ecom store owners who have built up really nice businesses, but now they’re at a point where it’s overwhelming and they want out. For the right price of course. And so that’s where you come in, with the capital to acquire these stores, as an investor, and let Mike and Gino manage everything. Inventory, marketing, media, ads, order fulfillment, customer service, the whole deal.

“Hence the name, Fully Managed Agencies,” Gino says. “A to Z, one hundred percent turnkey. It’s a win, win, and win. Because we don’t want sellers like this to go to ecommerce exchange sites and have them mark it up sixty, seventy, even eighty percent. Because you buy it from those guys and you’re doing so at an extreme markup. Okay, we’re not business brokers. We’re agency owners. That manage investor assets for people just like you.”

They walk you through a case study where one of their friends bought this ecom store for a hundred grand. Well worth it. He did his due diligence, had all the financials put together. The business, at its peak, was doing almost thirty grand a month in profit. Anyways, their buddy buys it, didn’t have a clue what he was doing, totally screwed the whole thing up. Sales dropped month over month till it was only making a few grand a month.

Gino Fracchiolla

That’s the exact kind of store they’re talking about. It needs saved. You can be the one to bring it back to life. The Fully Managed Ecom team can hook you up with higher ticket products, that could net you a thousand or more per sale, that you could sell through the store. They can take over the ads, do things the right way. Matter fact, that store allegedly just got purchased by one of their investors. Twenty days later, they’d built it back to ten grand a day in sales.

“Look, a lot of people are good at certain things,” Mike says. “Running a business or running ads may not be one of ’em, so, these stores have been teed up to bring in professional marketers, professional investors, and serious investors such as yourself, that wanna take this to the next level, okay? These things sell for a multiple on cash flow. They’re not like automation stores where essentially they get banned and they’re almost worth nothing.”

Mike and Gino wanna make sure you have the opportunity to cash-in on this very undervalued, overlooked market. This is the next big arbitrage play. Digital equity. Invest in it. The internet’s not going anywhere, it’s here to stay. This is an iron-clad promise; these guys ain’t messing around. It’s all above board, everything’s accredited. If they can’t find you a store within the first month that fits your criteria, they’ll give you one for free. Gotta say, pretty compelling offer. But if the store’s free, what’s in it for them? Rev share?

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