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Fundwise Agents Reviews: Legit Affiliate Program?


The guys at Fundwise think you can hit 6- to 7-figures in the next 12 months just by sharing a link with business owners who want free money. There’s $1.2 trillion earmarked from the U.S. government for small businesses. You can help get that money into their hands and earn big commissions for doing so. Is the lending space something you should look into? If so, is it really that easy—just share a link? And finally, is Fundwise Partners the company to promote? Read on.

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“Businesses and startups need funding,” cofounder Corey Price says, “and we provide great financing solutions for them. All you need to do is share a link with startups, entrepreneurs and business owners who need funding. By the way, we’ve secured over $150 million in funding for folks in just the last two years alone. Most of that was due to our Fundwise Agents. Anyways, you make a few hundred to a few thousand dollars for each funded deal and we do all the heavy lifting.”

Believe it or not, Uncle G himself (Grant Cardone), is a Fundwise Partner. While they don’t say how much he’s made through their affiliate system, they show one guy, Curtis, who did $469k last year. Another guy made $260k. There was one who did $210k. And probably most made little to nothing. Not knocking Fundwise—it’s just how these things go. But yeah, say you sign up, all you’d do is drive traffic to a landing page using your affiliate link. If and when one of your referrals receives funding, you get a kickback.

Their main offer is 0% interest for 9–15 months for up to $250,000. But they have lots of other funding products as well. Once you send traffic, Fundwise’s team of 30+ people will be following up with your leads, calling and texting ’em, doing everything in their power to get them funded and you paid. So it’s something you can add on to what you’re already doing. Maybe you’re already an affiliate with an email list you could hit up, maybe you’ve got a digital agency and this is just something extra you could offer your clients.

Want Free Money

What about skills and technical know-how? If you can log in to Facebook and LinkedIn and send an email, congrats, you’re plenty qualified. But who wants funding, right? It could be a local brick and mortar business owner who needs to buy equipment or hire more employees. It could be someone who wants to buy a franchise. It could be a solopreneur who wants to buy a course or a coaching program. It could be a course creator or coach who needs money for paid ads. A Shopify store owner wanting to scale. You get the idea.

In terms of your cut, Fundwise Agents offers 20% on any referral that gets approved. On average, that’s about $900. If you’re doing strictly organic marketing, that’s all profit. Just a deal or two a week would more than replace most people’s 9 to 5 jobs. Here’s the real question though: How do you effectively get in front of borrowers? Corey says you can go into free Facebook groups, add value, tell anyone who wants funding to send you a PM. You could do a similar strategy on LinkedIn. Or, if you’re more advanced?

Rank a blog for relevant search terms and have ’em come to you, right? Or use Instagram or YouTube or TikTok. And if you’re really confident in your skills, there’s always PPC. If you can spend a dollar and turn it into three, why not? Fundwise Partners does cost money, but not much: $29.99 a month. It’s definitely a legit opportunity, however, I bet the average person would struggle to qualify for funding. (If not, they’d already have it, from a bank, right?) Which means you might struggle to see commissions.

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