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Up Your Money Game Review (Dave Lowell)


Dave Lowell is the founder of Up Your Money Game. He wants to know what your financial plan looks like. “Are you already on the path to getting financial freedom?” he asks in his recent YouTube video. “Are you on path to create the type of financial independence that allows you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, with your family? Or are you feeling trigger shy? Overwhelmed because there’s so many moving pieces? Everybody has a different opinion and you’re not sure where to begin.”

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If that’s the case, don’t worry, Dave Lowell has your back. In his free case study, he’ll show you how millennials are multiplying their wealth by twelve X to achieve financial freedom and retire early. This isn’t your parents’ advice. Dave is one of you. He understands your goals, your values, the vision you have for your future. It’s about more than dollars and cents; it’s about living a fulfilled life. His ad ends. Dave asks you to click the button and sign up for the case study.

Dave Lowell is a certified financial planner. He works with successful millennials who are looking for time-tested wealth building strategies. Say you’re making two hundred grand a year. You’ve got quite a bit of money sitting in the bank. Which means you’ve got options. Too many options. Buy a house or rent? Fifteen year versus thirty year mortgage? What about rental properties? Stocks? If so, play it safe with the S&P 500 or gamble on crypto?

And on and on and on. It doesn’t stop. And all of these decisions factor in to your wealth building picture. Totally overwhelming. No amount of books, blogs, or YouTube videos can give you the guidance or the certainty you need. And, as a millennial, time is your greatest asset. If you don’t develop a plan of attack sooner rather than later, opportunity starts slipping through your fingers. Dave says you need an expert who can put the puzzle pieces together for you immediately.

Dave Lowell CFP

So should you go to a financial advisor? According to Dave, no. Financial advisors are paid to help you with investments. That’s about it. Which is why they normally only work with people who are nearing retirement. They gouge you with a one or two percent investment fee each year. They try to sell you insurance products so they can get big commissions. They will only guide you on the things that get them paid. Besides, you’re in growth mode, not preservation mode.

“Clients work with me because I am a wealth architect,” Dave says. “They have achieved massive levels of professional and financial success early in their career, to their credit. They’re smart, disciplined, and dedicated to success. And they’re willing to work with an expert to get personalized guidance and help shortcut the wealth building process. Why? Because they are in growth mode. And they know the impact time has on wealth; they don’t want to miss their window of opportunity.”

One of Dave’s success stories was a young married couple, low thirties, kids. They were making over good money, didn’t know if they should buy their dream home, or how. Hadn’t a clue what to do with the money just sitting in their savings. Dave helped them get into that dream home in the most efficient way possible. He found a tax loophole that saved them money. And, when they retire, they’ll pay zero taxes. They’re united, less stressed, and their net worth is on track to increase by a factor of twelve. No mention of what Up Your Money Game costs.

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