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Done With You Wealth Review (Kyle Henris)


Kyle Henris has a modern investing path for attaining wealth before you’re old and gray. Done With You Wealth, as he calls it, is a combination of both self-paced online learning as well as coaching and support from Kyle and his team. “The whole goal here guys is to make you independent,” he said in an overview video, “while also giving you the support you need to make the right decisions, to implement things the right way.” Scroll down for my complete review of Kyle Henris and his Done With You Wealth program.

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“So this isn’t one of those financial advisor things or investment trade alerts where you might get some recommendations but you don’t actually learn anything,” he continued. Part of that happens in Kyle’s membership portal. There’s a neatly-organized series of video tutorials that will teach you what Kyle and his wealthiest clients are doing to leave the status quo choking on their dust.

Topics include how to build a strong foundation for future wealth; deconstructing the millionaire mindset; common mistakes you should avoid; hacks for insurance, savings, debt stacking, and student loans; mastering travel rewards; setting financial goals; how to invest for maximum growth; Kyle’s exact options trading strategy: how he took a three thousand dollar account to one-point-four million in a few years.

From there, Kyle covers how to turn your investments into monthly cash flow. That way, you can cover your bills and living expenses and enjoy true financial freedom. He’ll show you how to distribute money in the most tax efficient way, how to get into real estate. There’s advanced options trading techniques. “My whole goal for every single student that comes into the program is financial freedom in half a dozen years,” Kyle added.


Kyle Henris does not believe you need to push financial freedom off for ten, twenty, thirty years down the road like the traditional advice will tell you. He thinks we can all do it a lot sooner, with the right knowledge and a little bit of discipline. You just need to have an open mind, be willing to learn and invest and do things differently. “All along the way you’re going to get this membership portal, you’re going to get access to myself and my team.”

In addition to that, Kyle will hook you up with a unique options trading app. It’s individualized, personalized. It will be loaded with a strategy specific to you. There will be frequently asked questions and answers. Kyle will be giving you updates on what he sees happening in the market. His real-time trades will pop up; you’re free to model him. He does a weekly Zoom meeting where he goes back through his trades for the previous seven days.

You will have unlimited email access, unlimited private message access to be able to ask the Done With You Wealth team your questions, voice your concerns, and so on. “And we do all of this for one flat fee,” Kyle said. “You can pay us one time and we’ll give you access for life, set you up with the skillset you need so that you never have to pay us again. If you want to learn more about that, the next step for you is to just book a call.”

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