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Instant Client Pro Review (Maurice Gear)

Maurice Gear

Maurice Gear has a one week challenge for you. Follow him for seven days as he builds a new social media marketing agency from scratch, lands his first client, and scales it to fifteen grand a month. “With the economic situation we got going on right now, people don’t have jobs, people are struggling to put food on the table, to pay their rent and mortgage,” Maurice says. “So what I decided to do was challenge myself.” Review continues below.

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“If I had no clients, no job, and I was starting from scratch, how would I get my first client within seven days, pay my rent or mortgage, and build a fifteen thousand dollar a month agency?” he continues. “And this is what I came up with. The Instant Client Pro Challenge. I’m gonna show you guys step-by-step and allow you to copy me over the next seven days on how I would get my first client in seven days and build a fifteen thousand dollar a month agency.”

“So if you guys would like to copy me and be a part of this challenge, if you’re sick of struggling, if you don’t have clients, you need to put food on your table, okay, how do you do that? You gotta get clients. And I’m gonna show you how to do just that. How to get clients, now, in this current economic time, okay? Business owners will literally pay me one to two thousand dollars to set up simple social media marketing ads for them. So if you don’t want another long course, this is a bite-sized seven day training.”

“What you’ll do is watch over my shoulder to get clients and to make money, okay? Now, I’ve priced this very very very low. Less than three dollars a day; I even broke it up into payment plans because I know a lot of you guys are struggling, and you just say, ‘Maurice, if I just had a simple affordable course that’s good, that I can follow along, I would happily pay that money.’ And so, that’s what I did. I made it very affordable. This is not a two thousand dollar course. However, the price will go up.”


This is your chance to follow a hundred thousand dollar a year earner as he starts all over again and shows you how it’s done. Does Maurice guarantee you’ll get a client in seven days? No. Chances are, you haven’t been doing social media marketing as long as he has. But he’ll at least prove it’s possible, for his top students. Regardless of how quick that first client comes, the important thing is that you’ll leave with the exact blueprint Maurice has used to get to where he’s at today.

So if you’d like to be a part of this movement? If you’d like to model his methods? You need the Instant Client Pro Challenge, Maurice says. Every day for a week straight, you’ll get a ten minute video detailing exactly what you need to do for the day. You’ll be added to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support. You must be coachable and willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work. You’ll need at least ten hours throughout the week to complete all the steps.

So how much does the Instant Client Pro Challenge cost? Right now, you can get in for three hundred and ninety-seven dollars. Or you can break it up into two payments of one hundred and ninety-nine dollars. He warns that this low price won’t last long. When you check out, you can add a coaching call with Maurice for an extra seventy-seven bucks. I like Maurice, I like the offer, but I felt like his pitch needed more details about the actual business model. What, exactly, will you be doing, and how?

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