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Digital Global Nomads Review

Digital Global Nomads Legit

Serioja Glorie is the founder of Digital Global Nomads, a company that builds automated Amazon and Walmart stores. Their mission is to make their clients financially free while creating as many jobs as they can. But Serioja admits, it’s not always easy. Dropshipping is a risky business model. Amazon and Walmart are giants. They could care less about suspending your account, so you have to comply, you have to be careful. Every store is different and every client is different, Serioja says. Read on for my Digital Global Nomads review.

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Another challenge is that Walmart is no longer a blue ocean. It’s catching Amazon in terms of competitiveness, which hurts profit margins. If you’re not careful, thirty percent could shrink down to twenty percent. “The thing about me,” Serioja says, “is I’ll always have a plan B ready, I’ll always have a back door. I see things coming. I feel it. Some clients have been with me for years, even in dropshipping. They started with Amazon, they paid me for Amazon. I switched them to Walmart.”

Serioja even hit up old clients he hadn’t talked to in years, who hadn’t recouped their investment, and offered to switch them over to Walmart for a minimal setup cost. He’ll still take on Walmart dropshipping clients, but you have to be prepared to pivot and do Walmart wholesaling if your account gets suspended. Serioja has virtual assistants standing by if and when that happens. Cost to work with his team is around twenty-five to thirty-five K. For Walmart, they do offer a money back guarantee.

“If after fifteen months, you still didn’t recover your investment, then you can apply for a refund minus any expenses,” Serioja explains. “Expenses mean referral commissions, sales commissions, ad spend, what I pay my team. Those are expenses that I made already. Listen, if I cannot make back your initial money, then I don’t want your money, all right? But I’m also not gonna lose any money. So I wanna give a fifteen month money back guarantee minus expenses.”


“And what I’m actually gonna do is, I’m gonna cover my ass, and basically the initial investment that I get, minus fees, et cetera, I’m gonna invest it and get a ten percent return or whatever. So I gotta make sure that if there are clients that aren’t successful, they’re always gonna get their money back. But of course, this is just something to make you guys feel comfortable. Our real goal is still to make you a few thousand dollars a month and to make you financially free.”

Serioja reasons, if you’re making a few grand a month, they will be too. So it’s a win-win. “So that’s truly what we wanna do with this venture, Digital Global Nomads, is to make you a digital nomad if you choose to be. Or, you know, just to have more time with your family and friends and have the freedom to do what you wanna do. We can do Amazon FBA wholesale for you. On Walmart, we’re still doing dropshipping, but it’s gonna get risky. You’re gonna have to deal with suspensions. But it’s still worth it.”

“Walmart is always changing their algorithm, your metrics have to be perfect. You gotta have two day shipping, right? All that stuff. It’s proved to be very challenging to make high sales at the moment with Walmart. Plus, there’s always some suspensions happening, but we can deal with it. If it ever gets too risky, I’ll just switch your Walmart store to wholesale. Again, for just a small activation fee.” Hmm. I appreciate Serioja’s honesty, but the automation model is just too expensive and too risky for me.

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