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Higher Path Ventures Review (Luke Sample)

Luke Sample Entrepreneur

Luke Sample, of Higher Path Ventures, said this in his YouTube ad: “I bet you’re just as sick of these online make money ads as I am. So it’s my job right now to tell you why we’re completely different than that. And it’s for two main reasons. Number one: if you don’t make money with our program (and system and software), you don’t pay for it. It’s as simple as that. And we guarantee it in writing. Two is that we remove all of the typical hurdles that have held you back in the past.”

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Intrigued, I clicked Luke’s ad and opted in for his free training. The video begins and he shares two important facts. One, nearly all Amazon customers only buy Prime products. Two, because they’re Prime, they’ll pay more for them. So how does a product become Prime-eligible? Simple, Luke says. It must get shipped from Amazon’s warehouse. This is known as Amazon FBA. The FBA is short for fulfilled by Amazon.

Understanding this sets the stage for a perfect profit storm, Luke explains. “All we have to do is find non-Prime, low-priced products and turn them into Prime, high-priced products.” He gives an example of a non-Prime textbook you could get for $11.52, which he showed was selling for a staggering $174 with the Prime symbol next to it. So basically, you’re doing Amazon arbitrage with books.

Now. How will you find these books? Higher Path Ventures has you covered. Their custom software will search Amazon based on your criteria and spit back a list you can investigate further. Will it get saturated if everybody’s looking for the same types of books? Luke says no. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry with new books constantly coming and going. For the record, I’m not so sure I believe him. In the training, he did several searches using their proprietary software, and I swear I saw some of the same titles each time.


Worried about the logistics? Don’t be. Higher Path Ventures already has outsourcers in place that will: receive your books; open and inspect them; repackage them; and ship them to Amazon on your behalf. It’ll cost you about $2 per book to use their people. So passive income is entirely possible with this.

Luke goes into a couple of other ways to wheel and deal books on Amazon. You can buy from third-party sellers on Amazon, and immediately sell the book back to Amazon for more than you bought it for. You can also buy books offline or using other websites and flip ’em via Amazon’s trade-in program. There is a catch though. Amazon pays you in gift cards. Ugh. Luke explains a complicated workaround, but that, right there, is a major turn off for me. (I want my money, and I want it now!)

Overall? Credit to Luke Sample for pulling back the curtain on their business opportunity. Unlike most reviews I’ve done, this Higher Path Ventures presentation was incredibly transparent. Luke was thorough and did a nice job of answering the questions that came to mind as he was explaining everything. I think it’s a unique, well-thought-out, very doable side hustle.

As I said earlier, I’m still a little skeptical about saturation. And it would drive me nuts not getting my money right away. And if it’s so scalable and they have this amazing software plus systems and teams in place, I guess, why share it with us? That’s something you might ask them, if you book your “no pressure group discovery call” to find out how much Higher Path Ventures actually costs. Before you do that, though, you owe it to yourself to check out the following link.

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