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House Stacking Review (Roy And Rin)

Roy Hoss YouTube

Roy Hoss is all, yeah we’re in a recession, yeah it’s gonna get worse before it gets better, but right now’s also the best time to be getting into real estate. 

Roy’s acquired 77 properties in just the last year using some secret system. 

Each property was purchased with little to no money down.

Wanna see how he’s doing it? Read every word of this House Stacking review.

Roy’s apparently got a business partner named Rin Kay. Rin has a PhD in analytics. We’re supposed to be impressed by that I guess.

Anyways, their average House Stacking student is leveraging their system to get a cash flowing property signed, sealed and delivered within three months of joining.

They’re willing to guarantee you’ll do the same, but they want you to give ’em a full 12 months to make that happen.

Instead of wasting tens of thousands on bad deals and hundreds of hours trying to learn the loopholes yourself, what if you were handed the cheat codes that the wealthy use to gain an unfair advantage over everyone else?

‘Cause Roy and Rin claim they have those cheat codes.

Oh boy. My inner cynic can’t sit still.

Something seems off here. Maybe it’s the cheesy voice actor they hired to deliver this presentation, who’s reading off lines like, “Roy and Rin are the creators of this brand-new Remote Cash Flow Real Estate System that is quickly changing the landscape of real estate.”

It’s like: Tom Vu called, wants his infomercial back.

Moving on though.

This magical system has scaled Rin and Roy’s private client portfolios to six, seven and even eight figures, all while building them income streams to fund their dream lifestyles.

Right. Sounds believable.

Look, finding the right properties is hard, and getting the cash to fund them is even harder, the pitch continues.

Most investors fall flat on their face.

Maybe it’s because they didn’t do the proper due diligence; or they attempted to secure a bank loan, but got shot down harder than any guy under five-seven trying to pick up chicks at the bar; or maybe they liquidated all their personal cash to scrape together a down payment and now they’re already plateaued at just one property.

Recession Selling

Fear not, says the voice actor. “This new, little-known Remote Cash Flow Real Estate System is a shortcut around all that.”

Roy and Rin’s team have already done all the hard, time-consuming work for you. While others simply teach you their methods, these guys are willing to hand you their plug-and-play system.

Here are the advantages:

  • Find cash flowing properties that have instant equity built in.
  • Grow your portfolio month after month.
  • Work from anywhere in the world – it’s 100% remote.
  • No dealing with banks.
  • Don’t need your own cash or credit.
  • Work less than five hours per week.
  • Spend more time with the fam or doing things you love.

Gee, it almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

When Rin and Roy discovered this system, it “shocked them to the core.” They stress-tested it over the next 12 months, racking up 77 properties, hardly coming outta pocket at all.

Next, they shared it with their private clients. Their results were astounding as well.

Now it’s your turn.

House Stacking is here to help the average investor win with real estate.

Sounds like you’ll be cold calling distressed homeowners and using “creative financing” to wiggle your way into deals you otherwise couldn’t do.

Cost for the House Stacking course? Who friggin’ cares?

That pitch was grungier than a mechanic’s overalls. I feel like I need a round of antibiotics and a good sauna session after sitting through that. It’s a “thanks but no thanks” for me.

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