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Waymaker System Review (Adam And Taylor Hunt)

Unlock Golden Handcuffs

Adam and Taylor Hunt believe life’s too short to be stuck at a job forever. That’s why they took finances into their own hands, building two 6-figure businesses and investing in multifamily real estate and short-term rentals, allowing themselves to retire from their corporate gigs at 27 and 28 years old. The Nebraska natives actually met back in high school, dated, took a 10-year break, reconnected, and ended up getting hitched a few years back.

Anyways, to opt out of the rat race, the cute couple had to find the right vehicle. They decided on a “private franchise” business model. Why not use someone else’s proven products, plus all their processes, systems, training, and support, right? Unlike a traditional franchise, though, you can duplicate this without having to open up new locations and hire employees and deal with all that stuff. Hmm. If I’m being honest, this sounds like multilevel marketing, but they’re doing everything they can not to call it that.

Nonetheless, here’s how it works. You marry their so-called private franchise model with digital marketing, right? So you’ll run Facebook ads to drive people to an application funnel. They’ll enter their name, email and phone number, and then watch Adam and Taylor’s webinar. Those who’re interested will book a call and a certain percentage will buy into the opportunity. So say that’s you. You’ll then do the exact same thing, getting others to sign up under you. Then they’ll do the same. Then you’ll earn passive income.

“The average person we’re working with is replacing their full-time income in six months,” Taylor says. “And they’re launching their business within hours. It’s hands-on learning. We have this all mapped out for them. And with our Waymaker System of Growth, it is truly a copy and paste model. To where, all you do is plug yourself into the franchise owner role and the system will do the heavy lifting for you. We do high-ticket sales, so you only need a few, maybe 10 sales a month to walk away from your day job.”

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Here’s what you get if you join: the Launching Your Private Franchise Masterclass; a copy and paste System of Growth; an Unlimited Traffic Guide; a Fast Track to Full-Time Income training; a Facebook Ads Masterclass and Swipe File; the Leadership Vacuum Handbook; a Millionaire Minds video course; group coaching and Zoom calls; ongoing holistic mentorship; and more. A “total value” of $12,170. And Adam swears he didn’t just pull that number out of his butt. But don’t worry, you’re only gonna pay a fraction of that.

God forbid they just come right out and tell you how much the Waymaker Training System costs. Nope, that would be too easy. Instead, you have to fill out an application and hop on a sales call with someone on their team. “Don’t hesitate,” Adam says. “Fill out your app right now for a chance to work with us. There’s no guarantee. We are super specific on who we’ll work with. But at least apply for a chance, and receive our offer to join at a fraction of the price before it’s too late. If you have the right character traits, you’ll be accepted.”

“What are those traits?” he continues. “Someone that’s willing to act and make decisions and know when they see something that’s right. So I think you just need to ask yourself, what is it worth to be able to live out the life of your dreams? To buy your time back and go and have experiences and create memories that last?” Tell ya what. I’d rather work a respectable job and be broke, than get rich selling other people an opportunity to get rich. There needs to be a product or service that has real value.

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