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The Guided Meditation Framework Review

One Soul Stream LLC

Heather Hayward and her son, Hunter Varnum, created The Guided Meditation Framework to empower other coaches, therapists, practitioners, and aspiring entrepreneurial empaths to start and grow a prosperous Immersive Meditation business. Jeepers, I think I might need a PhD in granola talk to understand what that even means. Something about guiding people to inner peace while earning a life-changing income, all while working whenever and wherever you want. Read on for my review.

“Would it feel meaningful to see your inbox and texts filled with messages of appreciation?” Hunter says. “Thanking you for the immense impact you’ve had on their lives? Are you ready to take a bold step forward in your personal and professional life, and turn your innate passion for helping others into a secure and prosperous business that you thoroughly enjoy? If so, then I’m gonna show you exactly how we can make that happen. Because that’s what me and my mom do here at The Guided Meditation Framework.”

Heather and Hunter support people like you in creating and developing thriving meditation coaching ventures. By teaching empaths how to lead others towards self-realization and practical life improvements, they convert empaths into entrepreneurs. Their specialized method of immersive meditation offers an effective and flexible approach to fostering deep and enduring transformative change. Umm, huh? I still haven’t a clue what any of that new age nonsense even means.

Nonetheless, they merge essential aspects of strategic coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, guided imagery, NLP, and therapeutic imagery into a single technique called Immersive Meditation. This equips you with the confidence, qualifications, and skills to consistently facilitate breakthrough experiences and realizations that significantly impact people’s personal lives, relationships, and careers. So basically, Tony Robbins on an LSD trip, rocking a daisy flower headband – am I getting warmer?

Hunter Immersive Coach

Armed with this unique skillset, you’ll have all the tools to create a thriving one-on-one practice in any niche or market of your choosing. From that point, you can scale up to group coaching, workshops, and even online courses, given its versatile and adaptable nature. Heather and Hunter Varnum (definitely not Biden) will be there to guide you throughout your journey inside their Immersive Leadership Academy program. But hold on, Hunter can already sense your skepticism.

You’re thinking, “I’m not even a coach or a therapist currently. I’ve never had so much as a side hustle let alone a whole-ass business. How could I possibly pick this up and turn it into ‘life-changing income’ in just a few months’ time?” Hunter claims it’s ’cause their training is truly exceptional, their support is unparalleled, and they’ve already assisted students from all kinds of different backgrounds – lawyers, ER doctors, nurses, electricians, massage therapists, corporate burnouts, and even strippers (just kidding) – in achieving success with Immersive Meditation.

“It’s not only possible, it’s probable that the Immersive Leadership Academy can make everything I just spoke about a reality for you,” Hunter says. “We have everything you need under one roof. The methodology, the business model, and the systems to enable you to acquire clients at scale – all mapped out and even pre-built for you in many cases.” And there you have it. That’s the pitch, in a nutshell. Of course, they don’t disclose the cost. Another big turn-off. As for the business model, selling leads is challenging enough; I can’t imagine trying to sell meditation sessions.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.