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Project 100 Review (Terrence Burner)


Terrence Burner, the founder and CEO of Invictus Cashflow, is looking for motivated, semi-successful individuals who want to make passive income with real estate but without the stress and overwhelm. How? Let his team of 80+ experts do all the dirty work while you sit back and enjoy returns of 40-, 50-, even 60%. Skeptical? Same. Continue on for my Project 100 review.

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Terrence Burner says he’s spent 12 years and millions of dollars putting his real estate investing system together. If you have more money than time, realistic expectations, and want to own properties without creating another job for yourself, Project 100 is for you. Members will learn how to create automated cash flow using Terrence’s P.R.O.F.I.T. Squared Methodology. No need to find properties, haggle with contractors, babysit renters, or do any sort of maintenance or repairs.

It will shock you how little you have to do, Terrence promises. Just tell him your specific financial goals; he’ll construct a customized plan you can get started on immediately. You’ll have your first rental property within two months, tops. Now rinse, repeat, and keep collecting checks. Within the first year, you’ll have added at least two more rental properties to your portfolio (so three total), while Terrence’s team handles all the sucky stuff.

Because it’s so labor intensive for them, they can only work with 8-10 people at a time. They’ll cap it once they hit 100 members in total. Hence the name, Project 100. The minute you become a client, you’re assigned an Investment Counselor whose only job is to make sure you execute. You’ll also gain access to Terrence’s attorney, CPA, contractors, tech squad, operations team, property managers, and more.

Terrence Own Real Estate

Terrence, a former financial advisor, will see to it that you’re not “over-donating” to the IRS. This alone could be worth tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings. They’ll help you setup your LLC. Create a trust. Convert your retirement fund to real estate (if applicable). Hook you up with an insurance plan. They’ll place your first three renters for free. Give you access to “platinum properties.” You’ll have a quarterly video conference and annual review with Terrence and your Investment Counselor. The list goes on.

Project 100 is not cheap. In fact, it’s “quite expensive,” warns Terrence. And you can’t be lazy. You’ll be expected to follow-through on your end of the bargain and make the necessary adjustments as you go along. If either of those is a deal-breaker, don’t apply. If not, it’s pretty simple. Fill out an application. Do a quick call. Submit payment. And get started.

Verdict? Hmm. I wish I knew the actual price. Is this $10k? $100k? Until I know that, it’s hard to say. But there were two things that turned me off about Project 100. One, I thought the offer was confusing. I still don’t know if any of this is really done-for-you, or if it’s more like, “Hey, here’s my rolodex of people who can help you out. Good luck.” If it’s the latter, why pay Terrance a small fortune first? Why not just find your own people? Second, and this ties into the first, but doesn’t it bother you that he sells you the system and then makes kickbacks and commissions on all the back-end referrals? Because you know he does.

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