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Unleashed CEO System Review (Richard Shaull)


Richard Shaull helps agency, firm, and practice owners scale to seven figures with self-managing teams. This way, they can stop wearing all the hats, focus solely on their superpower, free up their time, and enjoy business again. Does he know what he’s talking about? What’s the catch? Read on for my Unleashed CEO System review.

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Ever feel like you’re stuck in the self-employment trap? Too busy fulfilling? Don’t have the time or energy to figure out how to grow? Is this leading to burnout, bad health habits, and a bitter significant other? Richard feels your pain. That used to be him. His business ran off hustle, not strategy. He hired out of desperation, not vision. But one day he decided enough was enough.

He became an Unleashed CEO. He scaled seven high-impact businesses. Consulted for billion dollar companies. And, more recently, started teaching his methods to other struggling CEOs. Specifically, he helps them create and communicate clarity; assemble a team of A-players; and build empowering systems and tools so that everything runs smoothly.

The Unleashed CEO System promises to free up 30 hours per week for you, in only 90 days. To qualify, you need to be doing at least $20k per month in revenue and have a strong desire to scale to seven or eight figures with a winning team that positively impacts the world. Richard estimates the average small business CEO has a value of about $500 per hour. So if he truly frees up 30 hours a week, that’s a potential ROI of $15k per week or $780k per year.


If you believe that and you’d like to know more, Shaull says to book a 30 minute Custom Scaling Call on his website. After the call, they’ll prepare a 30 minute presentation that lists the exact steps you need to take to scale your service based business in a healthy way. From there, you can try to implement it on your own or inquire about working with them.

Richard makes no mention of how much Unleashed CEO costs, but my guess is at least $10k. I suppose for the right guy or gal it could be money well spent. But I’m also an essentialist. For me, the thought of hiring more employees (even if they are so-called A-players) sounds miserable. Sure, I could free up some time. But now my expenses just shot way up. I’ve got more responsibility and liability. And now I need record-setting months just to net the same or a little more? No thanks.

I’d rather trim the fat. Get rid of everyone and everything that’s not critical to my success or happiness. I don’t believe any idiot who starts a business can scale to seven or eight figures. Nor do I think they should want to. And the select few who are both capable and cut out for it should simplify first, expand second. Finally, is it just me or is there a disconnect between Richard’s messaging and the extra bedroom he’s working out of? Corporate vibe, ClickBank reality?

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