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Jameson Saunders used to be a minimum wage janitor at a local elementary school. He scrubbed toilets, vacuumed carpets, mopped floors, took out the trash. Good, honest, hard work. But far from glorious. And he wanted something more for his life. That’s when he learned how to code. In less than a year, his income opportunities began to grow. Maybe you would like to become an app developer. Maybe Jameson can help. Anyone can do it, he says. It’s not like he’s special. You just need the knowledge.

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First off, why apps? Why did Jameson pick this over other types of software he could develop? Why not websites or back-end systems? In a word, usage. More and more people are spending more and more time glued to their phones throughout the day. As a result, worldwide app revenue is growing by about a hundred and fifty billion dollars a year. “So it’s a really great field to be in as far as coding things because everything is going mobile,” Jameson says.

Jameson codes apps as a freelancer. Clients need an app, they hire him, pay him, he does his thing, sends them the code, everyone’s happy. “So that is the process for how I make money,” he says. “It’s pretty straightforward. I’m just writing code and building these apps for people and they’re paying me for it. And the only tool I need in order to accomplish this is a computer. Mac or Windows can work.”

“Mac can build for iOS, Android, and the web; and Windows can build for Android and the web. So as long as you have a computer, you are fully qualified to do this as well. The only thing you’re really missing at this point is the knowledge.” Jameson snags new clients off of Upwork dot com. His public profile confirms he’s made more than a hundred grand working as a full stack developer. He charges a hundred dollars an hour.


Jameson has a hundred percent Job Success rate. He’s Top Rated Plus, meaning he’s had success on very long-term projects. “And so far they’ve been very very satisfied with the work I’ve done for them,” Jameson says. “Literally every single one of my reviews is a five star review. And you know, I’m not trying to brag or anything like that, or shove these numbers in your face. I’m just trying to let you know who I am and what my experience is.”

Okay, but what do app developers actually do that allows them to charge this kind of money? Essentially, a dev (or developer or coder, or whatever you want to call it) does three things. They code, test, and publish their apps. It’s an iterative process. They’re constantly doing this. And the longer you do it, and the more experienced you get, the more money you can make. So how do you get started coding, testing, publishing, profiting, right?

Two options. One, you could try it by yourself. Guess where to start. Take a long time to learn how to code. Find bits and pieces of information scattered here and there. And scrap together a shaky foundation. The second option would be to learn from an expert. Get started the right way on your first try. If you pick the latter, Jameson is accepting newbie coders into his paid program. No complainers allowed, must be willing to invest in yourself.

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