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How To Become A Modern Millionaire

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Modern millionaires are a dime a dozen seems like. So how’re all these people making all this money on the internet? I’ll spare you the cliche advice about reading business books and goal setting and thinking positive thoughts and exercising every day and waking up at five o’clock in the morning. You already know all that, and maybe you even do some of them some of the time, right? So what else is there? What haven’t you tried yet?

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The first thing I’d recommend, to increase your chances of becoming a modern millionaire, is journaling. And yes, you’ve heard of that too. But most people never give it a fair shot. Especially today, when you do everything either on your phone or iPad or laptop, right? Like you might make Notes in your iPhone, but when’s the last time you took out a pencil and paper (‘memba those things?) and actually physically wrote stuff down? Be it goals or to-dos or business ideas or how you’re feeling or how your day went?

Probably been a while, huh? And that’s a bummer because there’s really something magical about it. For me, it’s a stress reliever. If I’m worried about something coming up or I just feel like I got a lot on my plate, just manually writing it out, I dunno, it’s almost like I’m giving my brain permission to let those negative thoughts go. “I got it handled.” It also helps me get clear on what I’m trying to achieve, and why. It keeps me accountable (’cause who wants to journal about how they cried on the couch all day?). And on and on.

My second modern millionaire habit, if you wanna call it that, is production over consumption. If I’m online, I wanna be producing content, not clicking on and scrolling through and reading and watching and interacting with someone else’s, right? Because then they’re getting rich and I’m not. If you wanna make millions in the digital age, become the person who’s uploading the video or writing the article or publishing the audiobook or sharing the Instagram pic or embarrassing yourself on TikTok; and not the one consuming it like all the other sheeple.

Modern Millionaire Tricks

Okay, so you’re gonna start journaling, you’re gonna stop stalking other influencers and start creating your own content; what else? My third modern millionaire suggestion is to study copywriting. Like how to write stuff that sells. Which’ll spill over into anything you say out loud too. So whether you’re a guest on a podcast or scripting a video or sending out a tweet or typing up an actual sales page or closing someone on the phone, knowing copy’s gonna serve you well. So get to it. You can just Google “copywriting tips” and dig on in.

Modern millionaire tip four is to do hard things every day. Which kinda incorporates all the cliche stuff I didn’t waste your time with. But yeah, reading as opposed to Netflix, cold showers, eating clean, drinking more water, meditating, making your bed, silencing your phone while working, one last “all out” set at the end of your workouts, going to bed and getting up a half hour earlier, making the call, paying the bill, helping the kiddos with homework, you get the point. Choose the hard things. It’ll build up your self-belief.

Last but not least, modern millionaire tactic five is to eliminate as much as you can from your day. Most of what you’re spending your time on is not getting you any closer to the person you wanna become. But it’s easy to lie to yourself and tell yourself that it is. You have to really step back and be brutally honest about every little thing you catch yourself doing and be like, “Hey gurll, is scrolling through TMZ right now really part of the plan? Nope? Didn’t think so.”

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