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The Kingdom Real Estate Review (Todd Fleming)


Todd M. Fleming can show you how to wholesale homes on autopilot. Not only that, but you can earn repeat income starting with your very first deal. For a limited time, he’s sharing his Hex Method with other wholesalers who’d like to replicate his success. But who is this guy? Is he even legit? What’s he selling? How much does it cost? I’ll answer all that and more. Scroll down for my Kingdom Real Estate review.

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Todd was always talking about getting into real estate. So when his mom saw an article in the paper about the benefits of becoming a real estate agent, she talked him into getting licensed. But he quickly realized it wasn’t for him. (Thanks a lot, mom.) What sounded glorious in the article turned out to be a low-paying job where you were constantly at the beck and call of your bosses (clients) who were never happy.

So Todd pivoted to wholesaling. After struggling early on, he began to find his footing. Then he discovered a little-known financing strategy that doubled the profitability of every deal he was doing. Sprinkle in his “stealth secret” that turns one-time income into recurring income, and, in just two short years, he had become financially-free.

With the old way of wholesaling, you have to work really hard to do a deal. You collect your assignment fee. The end. Now you have to start over and go hunt for your next deal. Not only is it draining, but it’s stressful not knowing when you might get paid next. The solution, Todd says, is his Wholesaling Hex Method. With it, six figures in six months is entirely possible. Hmm.

HEX Wholesaling Method

Not only that, Todd claims his Hex Method has a 70% success rate; there’s virtually no risk; you sell 100% of your contracts; make consistent monthly income; and get to enjoy compounding growth and profit. Wow. So what is this magical method no other wholesaling gurus seem to know about? Curious, I signed up to watch Todd’s “short video” that promised to clue me in. Only, after 37 minutes, I was just as lost as before.

I saw some nice line graphs that illustrated how I’d make way more money with the Hex Method. He threw around some buzzwords. Something about leveraging relationships. But nothing insightful. No case studies other than a guy named Ronnie who wrote something in their private Facebook group. And of course, no mention of how much his Kingdom Real Estate coaching costs. Just a calendar to book your Business Builder call; at the end of which, they’ll surely try to sell you.

Todd claims to have more than 5,000 students inside. He says he’s a man of faith. He sounds pretty down to earth. But, I don’t know, it was just weird how he went out of his way to avoid any specifics. And why haven’t any other wholesaling experts mentioned this amazing recurring income loophole thingy? It just seems a little too good to be true; and unfortunately, Todd did nothing in his presentation to convince me otherwise. “And for that reason, I’m out.”

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