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Cleaning From Zero Review (Liam Kircher)

CFZ Program

Liam “The Cleaning Guy” Kircher, looking like he lost a fight with a banana, claims he can show ya how to grow a remote cleaning business from zero to six figures in under a year. Even if you have no experience. While working less than 15 hours a week. How can he be so sure? Because Liam himself did over $1.1 million in revenue, with his cleaning company, over the past three years. What’s the catch, how much will it cost, and should you consider it? Read on for my review.

“I’ve got an unbeatable offer that I need to share with you right now,” Liam says. “I’m gonna show ya how to start and scale a successful house cleaning business to help you earn over $10,000 per month within 90 days. Or, I’ll work with you for free until you do. The reason I can make such a bold claim like that is because we just crossed 200 members in our Cleaning From Zero program. That’s 200 people that I personally have helped start and scale a six figure home cleaning company within their first year.”

“Tyler joined and was able to replace his full-time job within two months,” Liam continues. “Salma was working as a nurse. She was able to supplement her job within four months. Mike was a full-time engineer. He was able to supplement his job within four months as well. It’s insane. We’re so confident in this framework and playbook that we put together, that we have a grand slam offer for you: If you join our course and you don’t make $10k in the first 90 days within your business? We’ll work with you for free until you do.”

I like that guarantee like I like the smoke alarm beeping from low batteries. So annoying. Just give people their money back if you don’t deliver. That’s a real guarantee. Anyways. While I’m digressing, Liam’s busy pitching: “This broom helped me make $1.1 million dollars over the past three years. In my coaching company, CFZ, we’ll show you the exact process for launching your own cleaning biz that earns you predictable income of between $10- and $12,000 per month within the first three months.”

Remote House Cleaning Biz

And again, you’re only looking at about 15 hours of actual work a week. Maybe less. Liam must have a repeat button on his forehead. Kid just says the same promise over and over. If I hear about how I’ll make $10k in 90 days or he’ll work with me for free until I do one more time, my ears might file for divorce from my brain. Cost for the program is apparently $6,000. Then you’ll need supplies, software, tools, actual cleaners to do the dirty work, an LLC, a website, money for marketing and advertising, the list goes on.

I wouldn’t want the overhead, the responsibility or the guilt of paying people just enough to cover their taxes and cry a little—to go do filthy, backbreaking work on my behalf. I also didn’t care for the way Mr. Minion here presented the opportunity. It’s like greed took the steering wheel while the truth is tied up and gagged in the trunk. A little less get rich quick, a little more patience and persistent effort would’ve been nice. That’s just me though. Liam does have some decent testimonials, so hey, what do I know?

For example, there’s Brett Lawrence, from Red Rover Cleaning, who hopped on video and said how he joined, got his website up, flipped on his ads, and proceeded to do $20k in revenue the next six weeks. Been growing and scaling ever since. Credits the guidance and guardrails that CFZ was able to provide him with. Brett’s goal is to hit a half-million in revenue this year. He’s all that and a side of steamed veggies. For more reviews from current members, check out Liam’s website.

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