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Cashflow Multipliers Academy Review (The Kitti Sisters)


Can Nancy and Palmy Kitti show you how to confidently invest in real estate and start your path to financial freedom in just 90 days, without being an apartment expert or doing it all yourself? They say they can. And that, once you learn their secrets, you can travel year-round and explore your dreams while the passive income rolls in. Are they full of hot air? Scroll down for my Kitti Sisters review.

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According to the Kitti sisters, multifamily apartment investment volume will balloon to $148 billion this year. Not only that, but apartments are one of the top-performing assets in all of real estate and an excellent hedge against inflation. And it’s much more hands-off than fix-and-flips. Which is why Palmy and Nancy currently own 2,400 units across the U.S. They call their process Cashflow Autopilot. Invest once, enjoy the recurring revenue for years to come.

Let me interject here. I like the Kitti sisters, I do. I’m watching their workshop; I’m rooting for them. But my God are they making it hard. They’re difficult to understand. They’re having nonstop tech issues. Repeating slides. Losing their train of thought. Way too much buildup. “Yeah, we get it. Invest in apartments. Tell us how.”

I don’t want to hear about how the traditional education system is broken. That working for the man sucks. Or the difference between active and passive income. And why you can’t count on stocks for the latter. Yes, crypto could crash. “Again, we get it. Apartments.” And please, no more Tony Robbins quotes. I think we can all agree success leaves clues. So when do we get to the clues?


Eventually the Kitti sisters go over one of their case studies: an apartment complex in Phoenix. They show some numbers. Up 108% in value in a little over a year. Nice! They explain some of the tax advantages of apartment investing. All good stuff. I just wish they would’ve started with this instead of robbing me of the last hour of my time.

The value portion of the presentation is short-lived. Now they’ve transitioned to the pitch. Cashflow Multiplier Academy is a seven module course with Facebook group support and one live Q&A call per month for one year. There are some fast-action bonuses, obviously. The cost? A one-time fee of $997. Rest assured, you’ve got 30 days to get your money back if you’re not feeling it. Nothing wrong with the offer. It’s just that, personally, it sounds exhausting learning from the Kitti sisters.

To run a proper online coaching program, I think you need to focus on user experience, efficiency, and making sure your students execute. While I’ve never seen the inside of Cashflow Multipliers, if it’s anything like what I just sat through, well, let’s just say there’s no way I’d pay a grand for that. I like their vibe, their story, even their business model; I just wouldn’t want them mentoring me, that’s all.

Funny enough, we basically do what the Kitti sisters do, only online. Think small, simple websites as opposed to units. Less startup capital needed. Less competition. Less concern for what the market’s doing. Just as much potential for semi-passive income. For more, tap the link below.

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