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Accelerated Banking Review (Sam Kwak, David Bruce)


Sam Kwak and David Bruce can help you save up to 70% on your mortgage interest without refinancing, increasing your income, or making extra payments. Their method can help you survive this painful recession, while protecting your home and retirement. “Accelerated Banking,” David explains, “is the process of using your cash flow each and every day to change the way that interest is calculated, all the way down to the daily level.”

“And when you do this,” David continues, “more money goes to principal faster, you pay less interest, and you’re able to pay off your home much faster. Now, the tool that we use to do that is a home equity line of credit, or HELOC. That could be a first lien position or a second lien position. There are differences between those two. But the main thing you need to understand, when we’re talking about Accelerated Banking, is using advanced cash flow strategies to change the way that interest is calculated.”

Think about it. You get a paycheck from your day job, and whaddya do with it? You deposit it into your checking account, right? But by doing that, you’re basically giving the bank a free loan every two weeks (or however often you get paid). If you have $5,000 just sitting in your bank account, that means you’ve gifted the bank $5 Gs to immediately start lending out to other people, thus earning themselves interest in the process. They’re making money off your money, which is kinda messed up, isn’t it?

“So instead,” David argues, “what we wanna do is we wanna use the cash flow strategies in order to be able to use our money—your money—to avoid interest. So the heart of the strategy, which is interest avoidance, we call that Accelerated Banking. This can be very powerful. It could actually help you pay off your home as early as 5-7 years, and save 50-70% on the interest that you’re currently scheduled to pay (or would have to pay) whether you own a home or are considering purchasing a home.”

David Bruce

And the thing is, the higher these interest rates climb, the more impact this strategy has on your life, right? Because, the higher the interest rate, the more interest you’re gonna pay over the life of the loan. Why not make the most of every dollar, every day, to sidestep some of that interest? After all, you had to wake up to an alarm, sit in traffic, suffer through one awful 8-hour shift after the next, get taxed, then wait a week or two just to get those dollars in the first place, right? You sacrificed a lot.

“What we wanna do with Accelerated Banking is teach you how to fight for your hard-earned dollars,” Sam says. “That way, you can reallocate those dollars for your financial goals, such as educating your children, planning on retirement, having money to invest in real estate, being able to increase your net worth, and being able to think about generational wealth.” Makes sense. But what about people who’ve bought David and Sam’s program? Are they happy with it? Are they truly getting ahead on their mortgages?

The general consensus is yes and yes. One student, Michael Heil, wrote the following on Trustpilot: “From the get-go, I could tell the Kwak brothers were different from other online webinars and businesses. These guys have a lot of integrity and I believe them when they say their goal is to help people. They were extremely patient with me and answered all of my questions. Couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience.” The only negative review whined about how they only offer one solution (a HELOC), but they should’ve known that if they watched the webinar.

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