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eBay Dropshipping For Beginners (Step-By-Step)

Advice Paul Lipsky

Paul J Lipsky claims complete beginners are earning hundreds of dollars a day with this really simple system for drop shipping on eBay. When Paul first got online, he had really humble goals. A thousand bucks a month, on the side, to help pay down some bills, was all he was after. That’s just $33 a day. But with no tech skills, what were his options? He couldn’t build a website, didn’t know how to get traffic, and was far from a natural born salesman.

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Luckily, Paul discovered eBay drop shipping. It allowed him to launch an online business, with zero experience, and still get to his $1,000 per month goal. But why stop there? Paul doubled down on what was working and, by the end of year one, was able to cross the $10k per month mark. More important, he was able to do this from anywhere in the world, as long as he had his laptop and a strong internet connection. And it all began with a simple realization.

“You see, there are these people selling products on eBay,” Paul says. “For example, here’s a guy selling this pressure cooker (deep fryer) thing, whatever it is. It’s selling for $30. It’s sold 186 times. Nothing really remarkable about this item. There’s plenty of people selling stuff like this on eBay. But what makes this very unique is that this exact same item is being sold on Walmart for about half the price. In fact, it’s exactly half the price. And it’s the same exact item.”

“So what I learned was,” he continues, “people are taking products like this from Walmart or wherever, and they’re copying everything [pictures, description, bullet points, etc.], and pasting it into a new listing on eBay. And the only difference is they’ve marked up the price. That way they can cover their eBay fees and if the item sells they will make a profit as well. And when someone buys they just go to Walmart, click Add to Cart, and enter in the shipping address of whoever ordered it from ’em on eBay.”

Paul Walmart Drop Ship

From there, obviously, Walmart ships it directly to the customer, and the eBay dropshipper pockets the difference. Pretty straightforward, huh? And it’s low risk; you’re only out the time it took you to set up your listings if no sales come in. Step 1, to do this yourself, then, is to find a supplier. It doesn’t have to be Walmart necessarily, but it’s a good place to start. Step 2? Pick some products to drop ship. An easy way to do this is just to search it up on eBay and see what’s already selling well. Success leaves clues, right?

Step 3 is listing these products on eBay. Believe it or not, there are Chrome extensions that’ll do this for you, in just a click or two. Step 4, once you’ve got quite a few products live on eBay, is to manage each listing. Because here’s the thing: What happens when the bookshelf, let’s say, goes out of stock on Walmart’s site? Or maybe the price goes up? Now your eBay listing needs updated, doesn’t it? And this type of thing’s gonna happen all the time. Fortunately, there’s software you can use that’ll streamline all that stuff for you.

Want Paul to fill in some of the gaps and mentor you? He’s got a course that teaches all of this, A to Z. It’s called Dropshipping Titans. Cost is $297 or three monthly installments of $127. What concerns do I have? Well, none about Paul or his program. Just more so the business model itself. It’s almost too easy. If everyone’s just copying each other, it’s not sustainable. If you’re killing it with bath bombs, I’m gonna come in and sell ’em for a dollar cheaper, and so is the next chick, and now it’s a race to zero.

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