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Eric Louviere Reviews (Side Hustle Steps)

Eric Downtown

Eric Louviere’s been selling biz opps since you could smoke on planes. His latest offer is called Clone My Agency or Side Hustle Steps, depending on which funnel you go through. “I’ve produced tens of millions of dollars online,” he says in the pitch video, filmed in his car, of course. “I know what I’m doing, okay? I know what people need to do to make money online. I know the steps they need to take and what needs done to make a 6-figure or even a 7-figure income.”

“But here’s the problem,” Eric continues, “most people that come across my desk? Who are not making 6-figures yet? They don’t even have anything to sell. That’s why I say, Just sell, baby! Like, you need something to sell. But they don’t know what to sell. So they look for multilevel marketing opportunities, they look for affiliate offers and stuff like that, where they can just go out there and now I got something to sell. That’s not good enough. You need something that’s proven, that’s real.”

I’m guessing Eric has that something. Yep: leads. Traffic, apps, customers—whatever you wanna call it. There’s infinite demand for it. If you can’t sell leads, seriously, just get off the internet. Go work at Dave & Buster’s, ya big dummy, is basically how Eric put it. “It’s the easiest sell I’ve ever sold in my entire life. So we can provide you with the easiest thing to sell (which is leads and appointments), and then we can fulfill for you as well. I’ll coach you, give you my cloneable funnel, my exact agency, everything.”

“We plug that into your domain name,” Eric explains, “and then you have a full-blown business online that you can start making money with in 3-5 days. You’re live, you’re functional, you have a real business that you can really put your heart and soul behind. And you can work 45-minutes a day, 4-5 days a week, and turn this into a pretty good income for you. A side hustle income and working it to a full-time 6-figure income over time, okay? ‘Cause everyone wants leads. We do LinkedIn outreach and Facebook ads.”

Eric Family

So that’s how Eric and his team would get leads for anyone you sell as well. You’ll split the income 50/50. Or, if you want them to close the sales for you, it’ll be 40/60 in their favor. Which is fair, I s’pose. “So, lots of opportunity to make money here,” Eric says. “It’s not some gizmo, fly-by-night, loophole, pie in the sky type of crap that you find online everywhere. I’m not some wannabe guru either. [No you are a guru and have been for 15+ years.] I’m an entrepreneur, not some lame internet marketer. [We agree to disagree.]”

Oh man, he’s doubling down on the “45-minutes a day, just a few days a week” claim. That’s all it takes to make “good money with this.” I would tell Eric to stop exaggerating, but that’s like telling the Hulk not to smash. “I love what I do, it’s fun. This is a very easy way to make money. [Riiight.] And if this doesn’t work for you, nothing will online. And I mean that. Like, if you can’t make this work with my help, with a full-blown sales funnel that’s already proven and setup for you, the copywriting already done for you…”

“… the sales videos, my credibility that you can lean on to use to make money, we do the sales calls, we do the technical for you, we’re coaching you, we’re working with you, we do the fulfillment for you, we’re doing it all for you. All you gotta do is manage the business, keep your thumb on the pulse of the business, generate leads, and that’s it.” This incredible program is less than $15k—that’s the only hint he gives regarding cost. My thing is, why wouldn’t Eric just run more Facebook ads, get his own clients, keep all the profit?

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