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Can insurance agents make $200,000 to $1 million or more per year? Yes, but you won’t do it by begging your friends and family for their business; or buying junk leads from lead vendors; or door knocking or cold calling, that’s for sure. Instead, you can get insurance prospects to come to you, says Justin Thomas, founder of Insurance Advertising Masters. Ya just gotta use his so-called Masters Edge Dual Funnel System, whatever that is, right?

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“I wanted to help insurance agents and agencies free themselves from lead vendors and get off the hamster wheels, to where appointments are coming to them, so that they can finally scale their business,” Justin explains. “And I wanted them to achieve this without buying leads, cold calling, cold emailing, referrals, talking to friends and family, or anything like that at all. So that’s why I developed a new sales funnel system that attracts prospects 24/7 and cuts down the time it takes for you to get a sale.”

This way, agents and agencies can scale up and become real business owners. It’s unlike any other marketing funnel you’ve seen or been pitched by that goofball Russell Brunson before. Because it uses two different marketing funnels and mixes ’em together to create synergy. The result is not just more leads, but better leads. The script gets flipped. Instead of chasing people down, they’re practically getting in line to work with you. Battle-tested by more than 350 insurance agents, apparently.

As long as you have your insurance license and you’ve sold at least 10 policies, no reason it won’t work for you as well, JT claims. And don’t worry, you don’t gotta be tech savvy or well-versed in online marketing and copywriting and all that stuff. Case in point: one of their clients, Michael, who’s in his 60s, and didn’t even have a personal Facebook account, was able to implement this Dual Funnel System with no issues whatsoever. A month later, he had 134 appointments. That turned into $58 Gs in commissions.


Josh Lustig, who now co-owns Insurance Advertising Masters, says that’s nothing to sneeze at. “Fifty-eight thousand? That’s an annual salary for a lot of people. And he collected that in less than a month. But then we had another client, Blaise, who pocketed $20,000 in his first 10 days. Now, Blaise had no previous experience either—he had never built a sales funnel or ran an ad in his life. He spent all of his time, out there, with this agents, running his agency. When he joined, he was worried he didn’t have enough time to do it.”

“But he found out that it was a lot quicker and a lot easier than he originally thought,” Josh continues. “So, using our Dual Funnel System, agents have increased their appointments, stopped chasing people, started scaling from really anywhere in the world, and scaled their businesses by becoming real business owners. If you wanna know more about this system and how you can get insurance prospects to actually come to you instead of you chasing them around, being desperate, then check out our programs.”

Insurance Advertising Masters has two options to choose from. For beginners, there’s a Lead Gen Fast Track course. That’ll get you up, running, and controlling your lead flow once and for all. If you wanna take it to the next level, they sell an Advertising Mastery program. Inside, you’ll learn about retargeting, omnipresence, building out your own infrastructure, and screening for the best leads possible. Cost varies; book a call to learn more. Or click below for perhaps a more enjoyable alternative.

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