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Xavier Major Reviews (Alpha Wholesaler Course)

Alpha Wholesalers

Xavier Major is the face of The Wholesale Connection. Most investors, he says, aren’t negotiating hard enough on their deals. Maybe they’re walking away with $5,000, $8,000, $10,000. Which may seem like a lot, but after taxes and marketing and software and tools plus or minus a virtual assistant? There’s not a lot of meat left on the bone. So the average wholesaler’s caught in this vortex, right? Money comes in, money goes out. There’s no savings, no reinvesting back into the business.

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“The way you get out of this vortex,” Xavier says, “is by building leverage. All businesses leverage either finances, time, or they leverage some type of system to help them get above normal types of returns. This is how businesses are built. If you are just leveraging your time and your skills, you are not actually a CEO or an entrepreneur or a business owner; you’re a technician inside the business. You’re a cog in your machine that you built. You are owned by the system.”

“Therefore, what happens is, you only have a few hours a day that you can devote to this business,” Xavier continues. “If it’s still your side hustle, you got maybe 3–5 hours a day, tops. And that vortex keeps you trapped because you’re not able to invest any money back into the business to build the system, to get some leverage, to hire a team, to buy more data, to run more marketing campaigns to eventually get you leads; and that way you can focus on closing deals.”

How do you break out of this cycle? By building what’s called launch velocity. Enough energy to lift yourself off the runway, right? And that takes capital, revenue, funds. “Enough income saved up to pour back into the business to get some type of leverage,” Xavier explains. “And for most new wholesalers or investors, you should start by getting some time leverage. Get your time back so you can focus exclusively on closing deals. So get a cold caller or a VA that specializes in text campaigns.”

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“The marketing needs to be running without your direct involvement. Without you cold calling, without you sending out texts, without you driving for dollars and knocking on doors. That’s gonna give you the ability to be generating more leads than essentially what you would be able to handle, because what you’re gonna build next is a CRM to be able to manage that lead flow. But first you need to get the lead flow. If you don’t have lead flow, you don’t have deal flow. And without deal flow, you can’t generate revenue.”

A good goal is, until you’ve crossed the $1 million-a-year mark, you should spend 70% of your time just trying to put deals together. If you’ve got a bit of extra money, in addition to an assistant or two, you can look into PPC campaigns, purchasing lists of distressed properties in your area, even paying someone else to go pound the pavement and drum up some potential deals. Might be a good idea to invest in a course or two, first, to learn how the experts are doing these things; so you can lead your team accordingly.

Speaking of which, Xavier just dropped a new Alpha Wholesaler Training. Some of the things inside the course: how to sop up motivated sellers like a biscuit to gravy; a breakdown of a 7-figure wholesaling operation; sales strategies for finally getting those contracts signed; plus Zoom calls where you can ask questions and get game from Xavier himself. Cost is $47 and there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. Probably an upsell or two waiting for you around the corner, but still, I like what I see.

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