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Market Modern Review (Cody Clay)

Cody Brick Wall

Cody Winn, who sometimes goes by Cody Clay, wants you to know that his Amazon automation service is different. It’s not a course or a coaching program or a mastermind. He’s not trying to teach you anything; he’s here to do the work for you, in exchange for a 70/30 split of the profits in your favor. He guarantees you’ll get results and your store will never get shut down. That’s big… considering 90% of the competition, he estimates, ends up getting their clients banned.

The model they use is FBA: Fulfillment By Amazon. Whenever you see the little orange and blue Prime sign by one of Amazon’s products, that’s an item that’s being sold using FBA. Sure, Amazon charges you more for this, but it’s worth it. After all, most people only buy Prime products because the shipping is free and comes a heckuva lot faster (sometimes same-day). In terms of products, Cody and company stick to essential items—stuff that’s still gonna be bought every single day, recession or not.

“So we’re buying all Prime products that are gonna be essential items that we’re selling, and it’s all gonna be done via the FBA model,” Cody reiterates. “Because this is the type of stuff you buy yourself. That’s the ultimate litmus test, right? If you’re buying ’em, so are other people. It’s just common sense. Next thing I wanna mention is in our stores, we wanna make sure that we only work with eight people per month. We have just over 290 stores up currently, and we only take eight people every single month.”

“And the reason for that,” he continues, “is we simply wanna make sure that we get the best results for those eight people every single month. I’m not here to just get a paycheck up front from a bunch of people—although it is a five-figure investment, to be clear, which you should already know if you’ve gotten this far. But that five-figure investment’s gonna cover basically the franchise fee of working with us. And then you put up whatever money you wanna put towards inventory itself.”

Cody Clay

“And again, we’re guaranteeing the profits that you’re gonna be making from your store,” Cody says. “And those eight people we work with, we always get exceptional results for. And it’s because we only work with so few people. Most any other program out there, they’re gonna work with anybody and everybody who’s interested in working with them. And that is a really silly model because that’s a good way to really fail tremendously. All 290+ of our stores are making over $10,000 per month in profit.”

My man’s got a point. Sales don’t mean diddly. I’m sure there’s sellers who’re doing over $100k a month through their Amazon FBA store who, after inventory and ads and tools and software and employees, are probably losing money. But yeah, Cody’s about as straightforward as it gets, which I respect. You’re looking at at least $10k to get the ball rolling, then as much open credit as you can finagle to float the inventory. The more you can buy early on, the faster you can scale your store.

The only thing I should mention is I did run into some unhappy clients of his (under the name Cody Winn) on Reddit. Long story short, several people felt as though he misled them on a different offer (some Digital Marketing Bootcamp thing). Basically, Cody promised them very little work and a guaranteed $10k in 90 days or your money back. But when they got in, it was a lot more work than they expected, including cold calling, so they asked for a refund, and he just ghosted ’em. Anyway, food for thought.

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