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9 To 5 Exit Blueprint Review (Pauldonis Maximus)

Bad Joy Productions LLC

Pauldonis Maximus has a Remote Forever Framework to help you escape your 9-5. 

Should be light work considering he already helped Neo escape the Matrix.

What will you be doing, exactly? Creating a digital business that’ll allow you to make an above average income from home or abroad.

Perfect for anyone who wants to cash in on their industry-specific knowledge via a high-ticket ($3,000+) course or coaching or consulting offer.  

So, for example, Pauldonis has a background in film production, right?

Well, now he makes thousands of dollars a month teaching other filmmakers what he’s learned over the years.

Covid upended the world. Some businesses didn’t make it. Others laid people off. Either way, everyone got sent home. And they realized, “Damn, I haven’t been this free since, like, the summer after I graduated high school.”

Most people loved it, got used to it.

Then, slowly but surely, reality set in. “At some point, these stimulus checks are gonna dry up and things are gonna get back to normal and I’ll be back working in a cubicle.”

Devastating, right?

So that’s why Pauldonis came up with The 9 To 5 Exit Blueprint, which leverages his so-called Remote Forever Framework to start a small digital business that can grow into something massive over time.

Captain Obvious reminds us that you’ll never get rich working a j-o-b.

And that 47% of all millionaires own their own business.

How do ya join ’em?

Step 1, Pauldonis says, is to use your 9-5 income to fund your digital business. So no, you’re not quitting your job (yet). You’ll do that once it’s literally costing you money to stay there.

Step 2 is to make sure your 9-5 pays you at least $45k per year. Or you’ll probably be too broke to get your business off the ground. So if you’re making less than that, I guess, apply for a new job? Pauldonis doesn’t really say.

Step 3 is to publish or perish. No magic jellybeans here. Only the producers will get paid.

Remote Forever Framework

“If you don’t produce,” Pauldonis explains, “which is publishing content like YouTube videos, or creating courses that you sell, doing email campaigns to follow up with people who got on your list – if you don’t do any of that stuff, you’re not gonna get paid.”

“You don’t eat,” he warns.

“So there’s nothing that I teach where you’re just gonna press a few buttons, sprinkle a little hustle dust on this thing – and boom, you’re just gonna be printing money.”

“Everything that you need to make this Remote Forever Framework work? Requires you to publish content. That is how you let people know that you have something for sale; that is how you get people on your email list; and get ’em to know, like, and trust you, so they’ll open their wallets and buy from you,” Pauldonis says.

Speaking of which, Step 4, is that the money’s in the list.

Your email list – or lack thereof – will be the determining factor of where you live and how you live. The more people you get to opt in, and the higher quality they are, the more money you’re gonna make.

Point blank period.

All that’s left is Step 5: buy back your time, twice, to arrive at paradise.

First, you buy it back from your employer, right? You quit.

Second, you buy back your time from your business. You put people and processes and software and systems in place – so you don’t have to grind all day.

That’s a zoomed-out version of Pauldonis’s 9 To 5 Exit Blueprint.

If you want his help executing, so you can get to $10k per month asap, then book a call with him to learn about his coaching program.

I think you’re better off driving traffic to someone else’s product or service, and taking a sliver to deliver. Otherwise you have to get good at too many things.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.