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Reviewing Anthony Morrison’s Net Worth

How Rich Anthony Morrison

Anthony Morrison was about to start med school when his father made an unlucky mistake. He invested in the WorldCom stock right before their scandal hit. He lost his entire life savings. Went from real estate millionaire to no money and no self worth. Anthony spent months being his cheerleader. You did it before, you can do it again, he’d tell him. Eventually Anthony realized his dad wasn’t going to rebound from this. What happened next? Continue with Anthony’s story and find out his net worth below.

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“I think a lot of people can relate to that, when you go through a really tough time in your life, when you go through something devastating, when you have a life-altering situation,” Anthony said. “Sometimes it’s hard to bounce back from that. In fact it’s such a thing (bouncing back) that my friend, Sonia Ricotti, she’s built an entire business on teaching people how to bounce back from, ya know, really tough things in life.”

Unfortunately, his dad didn’t have Sonia’s advice back when he was at rock bottom. So Anthony decided he had to step up and find a way to help out his parents financially. After months of trial and error he built a business selling car parts online. He would drop ship the parts from other manufacturers. It went on to make millions of dollars per year. Anthony was able to recoup all the money his dad had lost, and then some.

Anthony was in his early twenties making three-, four-hundred thousand a month. But he was getting burnt out. No question ecom was profitable, but it sucked up all of his time and energy. What else could he do? He began looking around online and discovered affiliate marketing. “Where I could literally just promote other people’s products, products that I saw online, and get a commission every time somebody took an action,” he said.

Anthony Morrison Digital Empire

He didn’t need to create his own stuff to sell or source products or support customers or do any of that. He knew this model would give him the best work-life balance. It allows you to focus on one thing: mastering marketing. And the better you get at it, the more money you make. Anthony first promoted credit cards from banks. All he had to do was learn how to connect people to the card they wanted. Soon he was doing six figures a month without knowing what APR meant. It was so simple.

Another advantage is you can promote endless products and pivot easily if something goes wrong. Just copy your new affiliate link and go spread it around the web. It lets you take advantage of trends, world events. It’s also a great way to start building your email list. You instantly have a reason for people to opt-in, a reason to send them follow-ups. “The minute I discovered affiliate marketing, it truly unlocked success for me,” Anthony said.

Affiliate marketing allowed him to grow as an entrepreneur, grow as a businessperson, and of course, make a boatload of money. He got back to where he was making several hundred thousand dollars a month; then parlayed that into books, seminars, courses, and coaching. In total, Anthony Morrison has generated over fifty million dollars on the internet. Take out taxes and toys and cost of (luxury) living, and his net worth is ballparked at fifteen million.

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