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NoCode Advantage Review (Jordan Richardson)

Wordle Clone On Bubble

Jordan Richardson claims you can launch and scale your own profitable tech. No. Code. Required. Jordan went from selling solar door to door, to using a tool called Bubble to create Revetize, a referral and review software for local businesses. Two months after he had the idea, he had his first client paying him $1,000 a month to use it. Within a year, he’d grown it to $25k a month. Today, the company’s valued at seven figures. And Jordan still doesn’t know the first thing about coding.

“This new world we’re in? It sucks if you’re a technician,” Jordan says. “But it rocks if you’re an entrepreneur. With the rise of AI and no-code, you can either get replaced by a robot or you can think strategically and build just about any tech you want, without having to write a single line of code. Bubble introduced me to a way of programming software visually. It’s drag and drop and it writes the code in the background for you. There’s a lot of other tools out there like Bubble, but I say just be great at Bubble.io.”

With Bubble, you could build marketplaces like Airbnb; social networks like Facebook or Twitter; booking apps like Calendly; personal finance tools like Mint; review sites like Trustpilot; food delivery apps like DoorDash; ridesharing apps like Uber; job boards; educational tools; internal dashboards; CRMs; project management tools; Shopify apps; WordPress plugins; the list is longer than my last Target receipt. And we’re not just talking about cookie-cutter templates here. You have full design control every step of the way.

“I’m telling you,” Jordan reiterates, “focus on learning Bubble. Yes, there will be times for other tools. Yes, there will be times for integrations and external services. But Bubble is extremely customizable and fairly easy to use. So is there a learning curve? Yep. That’s what I’m here for. And are there things Bubble can’t do? Yep. That’s what external integrations are for. Which I’ll teach you, in depth, in my full course. Then next thing we need to discuss, though, is how you’ll get hungry buyers to actually use your app.”

Without Writing Code

The key, Jordan explains, is to carve out your own blue ocean. This doesn’t mean creating a whole new market. That’s stupid. Instead, find a proven problem and just come up with a better solution. What are people already buying? How could you improve upon it? Or market it to a specific subset of people? And then, from there, you wanna make sure your app is bug-free and scalable, right? So have someone like Jordan, who’s been doing this full-time for seven years, train you, guide you, and support you every step of the way.

Can I just say, after watching Jordan demo how to use Bubble? Um, yeah, even with him mentoring me, I’d probably have better luck solving a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. But say you’re more techie than I am, you figure it out, you get your app made. Then what? Then ya gotta get your app into the app stores. Which sounds like it’s equally complicated if you wanna do it yourself; or pretty pricey if you wanna hire a company to do it for you. And even if you clear that hurdle, you still have to get paying customers somehow, right?

So how do you do that? If you’ve got deep pockets, you can run ads on Google, Facebook, TikTok, etc. If not, Jordan has some growth hacking strategies he teaches in his paid program. Cost is $997, but if you attend his masterclass, he gives you a week to buy it at $497. In addition to the step by step videos, you get access to a collab room, live weekly Q&A calls, a private Facebook group, templates, a NoCode t-shirt, and more. I’m impressed with Jordan. If you’ve got the brain for this, by all means, invest. But I sure don’t.

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