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Nurp Review (Jeff Sekinger)

Jeff Black Jet

Jeff Sekinger is the kind of guy who’d rob the family safe then lead the search party to find the “thief.” 

He wants to be seen as a legitimate investor. But his green really comes from selling shortcuts and bots that probably can’t out-trade a toddler. 

That sets the table for this Nurp review.

Per Jeff, Nurp is an algorithmic intelligence trading bot that returns 13.6% per month. 

And no profit share. You keep 100% of the gains.

Jeff’s sure you’re well aware:

Big hedge funds and institutions use trading software to outperform the market.

But the little guy doesn’t have access to such software.

Well, until now, that is.

Jeff’s proprietary Nurp trading bot levels the playing field.

Based on a survey, the average Nurp user generated a 30.87% return over 30 days. That’s +$5,478.35.

But there’s some fine print that comes with that.

“Some of the results we show today are exceptional, not typical,” it reads, “and are not the average return for our clients.”

“Results may vary from month to month and are subject to change,” the tiny text adds. “Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.”

“There are always risks involved with investing,” it ends with.

I s’pose that’s why the headline on the pitch page only lists 13.6%.

Either way, you don’t need to be a professional trader to cash in with Nurp. It does everything for you.

And account size doesn’t matter. You could start with $500. You could start with $5 million. Makes no difference.

Jeff’s mom put in $5,000. He set her up with his latest Gold Digger bot. She’s up 36%, or about $1,800 so far.

I bet he made her pay to license it.

Jeff talks about a Fed bot, a Pelosi bot. He pulls up some live accounts. It’s all very confusing. Looks dated. Like Windows XP circa 2006 or something.

Now he’s showing some wins from his Algo Trading Accelerator course.

  • Nick made $1k by 8 a.m.
  • Sebastian’s up over 40%.
  • David profited $5,100 on a random Tuesday.
  • Steve saw a modest 13.2% in month one.

What about negative reviews? Is anyone losing money using Nurp?

Algorithmic Trading Automation

I’m glad you asked.

Bijan left Nurp.com a 1-star review on Trustpilot.

Bijan was promised high returns of 70-90% per month by one of Jeff’s super aggressive sales guys.

It cost Bijan $10,000 to join.

He then put $30,000 into his account to trade with. He turns on the forex trading bot and kicks his feet up. He should be rich any day now.

A week goes by… nothing. Another week, same thing. One month. Two months. Nada. No returns.

Granted, no losses, either. But still. Not exactly the 70-90% he was quoted.

So he complains.

They tell him he needs to turn up something called a “lot size.” So he does.

Finally, some action! But in the wrong direction. Next thing ya know, Bijan’s down $8k. Whoops.

Again he complains.

Team Jeff says it’s his fault. “Gotta watch out for that. Gotta turn the bot off when the market dumps, bro.”

Ay yi yi.

Bijan’s account yo-yos up and down for a few weeks. Then he wakes up one Monday morning to discover he’s been liquidated.

Lost his entire $30k.

Reports this to the sales guy who had gotten him into this mess. Sales guy laughs and says, “Welp, that’s how it goes.”

As you can imagine, Bijan was left devastated. He slips into a depression, struggles just to pay his rent on time.

Meanwhile, Jeff’s hosting VIP parties in his Miami mansion.

Hey, at least Nurp’s making someone rich.

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