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B Legend Investments Review (Amazon Automation)

Pat Hilton

Pat Hilton from Dropshipping dash Automated dot com does done-for-you ecom stores that provide returns for people that are greater than real estate and stocks, and it only takes a small entry fee, he says in his latest YouTube ad. “I’m tellin’ ya, it’s time to put your faith in the right people and put your money into a vehicle that’s gonna get ya higher returns than anywhere else in the marketplace. I’m talkin’ about Amazon automation stores partnered with Automate Your Success.”

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“You’ve probably seen me introduce some of the biggest real estate investors in the game,” Pat continues. “Cody Sperber, Carlos Reyes, Pace Morby. Some of my friends are on A&E, on [a show called] Triple Digit Flip, teaching people how to create massive amounts of income. And what I’ve learned from being around these people, is you need the right vehicle to get passive returns every month. I’ve found nothing better than Amazon automation stores.”

All right, so what is Amazon ecommerce automation? “Well, we help you set up your Amazon ecommerce store,” Pat explains. “This is an online marketplace dedicated to selling Amazon-approved products. Our team has over fifteen years experience sourcing the highest trending items that people are already searching for, and are already buying. We build, scale, and run your marketplace store so that you don’t have to deal with all the headaches that come with running a business.”

“Now a lot of people ask us, what is Amazon dropshipping, because we use the Amazon dropshipping model,” he continues. “So that means we list products for sale on your store but we only buy them after they’ve been sold through your store. So you don’t have to hold any inventory. You never see or touch the items yourself. The suppliers do all the shipping for you. But what’s better: Amazon or Walmart? So let’s break that down. Amazon has been allowing third party sellers for years.”


“This [meaning, Amazon] is an established marketplace where we’ve made our clients over ten million dollars,” Pat says. “This makes the Amazon ecommerce platform a great entry point for you. Amazon has a much lower chance of account health issues and account termination issues. It’s actually why we don’t sell Walmart automation at all anymore. We value our clients. We value our name. Profit margins with Amazon are increasing all the time. You’re looking at about twelve to twenty percent.”

Compared to traditional real estate, which can take up to thirty years to see a return on your investment, all for an average annual return below ten percent? Well, this looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Plus, with real estate, you’ve got your bad tenants and vacancies and rapid inflation and all sorts of annoying stuff to deal with. Pat says your hands-free ecom automation store can produce a return within twelve to eighteen months. You need less money to start, you can work remotely, so what’s not to like?

Now for the elephant in the room: what’s this gonna cost you, right? So a new Amazon automated dropshipping store with B Legend Investments is priced anywhere from thirty to forty grand. All up front. Then you’ll need credit cards you can run up. The higher the total limit, the better. You could be spending tens of thousands a month within a few months of launching. The idea is you’ll make all that back. But still, after all that, B Legend Investments splits the net profit with you. Ugh. Sounds awful.

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