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SaaS Pathway Review (Dan Fernandez)


Dan Fernandez is here to unveil the blueprint for creating a software business worth millions. All in a span of just 90 days, without saying sayonara to your day job or begging investors for their millions. How, you ask? A mix of no-code platforms, AI, and possibly an outsourced development team. Having created and sold two software companies, Dan knows the art of transforming your brilliant ideas into apps that attract a legion of users. In his view, there’s nothing quite as satisfying or lucrative.

This isn’t like those weird schemes that promise to make you rich overnight. Instead, you’ll be learning how to create a real company that could be worth millions or even billions of dollars. In Dan’s SaaS Pathway program, they promise that you’ll have your very own piece of software ready to launch in just a few months, or you won’t have to pay. Dan started making software initially because he owned an SEO company, and he needed a better way to get backlinks. Tomoson was born – a nifty tool that connected brands with influencers.

Later, Dan made a new app called SoStocked to help Amazon sellers manage their inventory. Last year, SoStocked was sold for a lot of money – over $1 million dollars. If it’s so easy, why do most people never even get their project off the ground though? It’s because they’re either using the wrong tools, Dan explains, or they have the wrong process. Which is why, at SaaS Pathway, they start by vetting your idea. Before spending a dime on development, prove you have a concept people will actually pay for.

Next comes a Visual Blueprint. No different than if you were building a custom home. You’d go to an architect to draw up some floor plans, right? Only, here, you’ll do it yourself using a drag-and-drop tool. Now you gotta find the right tech and team. That could mean a no-code solution like Bubble or Glide. Or maybe you leverage ChatGPT plus or minus a plugin or two. Once you have a minimum viable product for your app, it’s time to launch – to get your creation live on the internet and start getting users and collecting feedback.


“What services do we offer?” Dan says, addressing the frequently asked questions head-on. “We offer a course that walks you through everything, from vetting your idea to wire framing, building your tech team, launching, scaling, and more. We also have a solution where it’s just about idea vetting. So say you have two, three, four, five ideas, whatever it is. Come to us with the ideas. We can lay ’em out, we can go online, and we can actually vet those ideas for you so that you know, ‘Yes, this particular idea has traction.'”

“From there,” he continues, “we can either continue the process with you, or you can take it and run with it. Then, we even have an additional solution, which is a fully done for you solution. That’s where we do everything, soup to nuts. Vetting, blueprint, tech, coding – so you can get that software idea out of your head and online, but with us doing all the heavy lifting. Do we offer one-on-one support? Yes. We have multiple one-on-ones where you’ll meet with a coach to make sure that not only you are being held accountable, but so are we.”

No mention of cost. But, Dan finishes with, whether you move forward with SaaS Pathway or go it alone or choose one of their competitors, just don’t have any regrets when it comes to your software idea. Take some kind of action. The elephant in the room, of course, is risk. After settling Dan’s invoice, rallying a team to create a prototype, and then burning more cash on acquiring users, it seems like you could be sinking into a financial abyss, tens of thousands deep, quicker than you can say “software startup.” The flip side? That same risk could also make you a millionaire.

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