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Paul Bocco Reviews The Kingdom System

Paul Bocco Kingdom System

Paul Bocco says what if you could give over ninety percent of your income to God, to his kingdom? He believes there are far too many hardworking, faith-based Christian folks who start making a good living, only to take their foot off the gas. That’s why he teaches a simple business model: to help his fellow Christians rise above mediocrity and have a bigger impact. He’s been in business for over twenty-five years now. He’s started ten different businesses in ten different industries, so he knows his stuff.

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Despite being comfortable, financially, Paul always had that drive to do more, earn more, so he could fund the ministries, feed the poor, rescue the sex trafficked, and make more of a difference. What was the disconnect between these visions in his heart and his reality, he wondered. And hey, maybe you can relate. Maybe you’re feeling a call from God to create more, to harvest more. If so, you need to start taking the calling more seriously, Paul says. That’s what he did, and it allowed him to break free from the status quo.

“Listen, the devil loves it when Christians are happy,” Paul explains. “Let me say that again. The devil loves it when Christians are content. We have not been called to be content. We have been called to be warriors. And if you look at God’s kingdom, His physical natural world, you see that there is no plant or animal that stops growing, that stops producing more, that stops multiplying. The apple tree doesn’t pop off a couple apples and then it’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m done.’ It provides an overabundance, right?”

“So when us Christians get happy at seventy-five grand, at a hundred and fifty or two hundred grand, and we’re like, ‘I’ve got enough,’ that is wrong. We should keep pressing for more so that we can give back to the kingdom. And the kingdom is a seedtime and harvest principle. So what we can sow, financially to the kingdom, we can reap financially from the kingdom. And that’s an amazing thing and that’s how God created it, right? Money in the hands of good people is good.”


“It’s the love of money that is the root of all evil,” Paul clarifies. “It’s not money [itself]. But I didn’t quit. I kept my hand to the plow, believing, hoping, praying, working, you know, bleeding, crying, sweating, submitting. Since then we’ve not only been able to give a large portion of our income to His kingdom, but I’ve also been fortunate enough to work with over nine hundred and sixty-five Christian entrepreneurs to help them to do the same thing. And it was all built around the finder’s business model.”

It’s a business Paul discovered years ago. It allowed him to give even more during the pandemic, a time when most people understandably had to pull back. With it, you can experience all of that which God has designed for your life. Meaning, you can have your cake and eat it too. You can enjoy the finer things and still give back in a big way. With this particular biz, if you work like it’s up to you but pray like it’s up to God, you too can achieve success like Paul and so many of his students already have.

Unplug yourself from society’s limitations and switch to The Kingdom System. Which is basically a Christian Entrepreneur Manifesto that condenses everything Paul’s learned throughout his business journey and puts it into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide. And that’s his whole pitch. Hmm. Not sure how I feel about the entire thing being all about how God wants you to be rich and not saying anything specific about what you’d actually be doing and why it’s superior to other internet businesses that are out there.

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