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Peterson Acquisitions Review (Chad Peterson)

Business Analysis

This bearded bro is Chad Peterson, CEO and founder of Peterson Acquisitions. In his latest Facebook ad, he asks you to join him for a 1-hour call that he believes will be eye-opening for you. He’s got a wealth building system for the self-employed. It’s called Quantum Stack Investing, or QSI for short. As the name implies, it’ll help you take quantum leaps in income while stacking the odds in your favor, reducing risk, and setting yourself up for retirement.

“In other words,” Chad says in his hypnotic voice, “it brings huge returns. But in addition to QSI, I also own Peterson Capital, which is a private equity group. Simply put, we as brokers, we have deal flow. And deal flow’s what it’s all about. Because without deals, it doesn’t matter how much money you have; without any deals, nothing happens. So as brokers we have deal flow. So as attractive businesses come across our desk and we want to buy these attractive businesses, we can do so.”

“We also have ChadPeterson.com,” he continues, but I have no idea where this is going. “That’s an educational site that teaches people like yourself how to buy businesses, people like yourself how to sell businesses. We have a ton of resources on ChadPeterson.com. These companies—all three that I just mentioned—are nationwide companies. What I’m wanting you to do is join in a 1-hour video call with me. That way, you can see if working with us would be a good fit or not.”

Okay, got it. But what’s he looking for? Dropshippers and network marketers who’ve never made a penny? Real estate investors who’ve bought every wholesaling and fix and flip course but have yet to do their first deal? In other words, 90% of the people who’re gonna see his ad? Nope. If that’s you, just keep it moving. Don’t let the door hit’cha. Chad’s looking for real entrepreneurs with real business experience. Builders, creators, investors. And if you have a background in banking or accounting, even better.

Acquiring New Business

“Again, this 1-hour call is free,” Chad reminds us. “I’m not trying to sell you anything here. Put your wallet away. This call is something for you to check-in, to see if this could be something for you. It is an hour of your time. And my team are wonderful. I think I have the best team in the country. Now I’m really good at businesses, and helping people buy and sell businesses, and we’ve done really good work in this industry. And my nationwide brokerage is helping people every day, helping people buy, sell, and become wealthy.”

Chad’s scouting for folks who’re over there, going, Man, I’d like to be part of what that guy’s doing. Just know, it’s gonna be territory-based. So say you’re in Boston. They’ve already done the legwork to ensure that city’s sufficient to make in excess of $500,000 a year, right? But if you’re in Podunk, Michigan, you’re SOL. “Ultimately, in order to become my business partner in your geographical area,” Chad says, “it will cost anywhere from $35,000 to $54,000. But don’t worry, this isn’t a work-for-Chad-Peterson play.”

“This is a work with Chad Peterson and his team type of play. So there is a cost of entry if you ultimately decide that it is for you. Now the good news is that the $35,000 to $54,000 that it costs to become my business partner will ultimately be reinvested into your success in your geographical area. So what you pay me gets reinvested back into you, be it resources or marketing or training.” Gosh, sounds sorta like a franchise opportunity, although it’s a little unclear what the business model is. The man’s got the most stunning beard in the history of beards though.

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