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Acquisitions University Review (Moran Pober)


Moran Pober is an investor. He wants to invest in good businesses and people. And he thinks you should do the same. At Acquisitions dot com, he’ll show you how you can buy existing million dollar businesses for as little as a dollar. Sound too good to be true? I agree, but let’s hear him out. Read on for my Moran Pober review.

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Moran’s talking real businesses here. With cashflow. With assets. Equipment. Talented employees. Market share. Anything from twenty to thirty year-old family businesses to tech companies backed by venture capitalists. Until recently, acquiring businesses was something only the giants could do. Apple, Microsoft, Google. But now, with Moran’s methods, the little guy can get in on the action.

Maybe you already have a successful business. Maybe not. Maybe you just lost your job and you’re trying to figure out your next move. Perfect credit, poor credit, makes no difference says Moran. As long as you’re an entrepreneur you can use other people’s money to scoop up functioning businesses in any industry you can think of: pet care, IT, e-commerce, beauty salons, local marketing agencies, engineering, construction, and on and on. “I don’t care; I’ve seen everything,” Moran said. “I’ve had clients who bought cemeteries.”

It won’t be easy he warns. Don’t expect to get rich quick. You’ll have to learn real strategies. Execute. Problem solve. If you do the work, you can change your life over the next few years. There are literally trillions of dollars in assets changing hands right now, and if you know how to position yourself, you can capitalize on it. But who are these business owners and why would they sell their pride and joy to you?


Many of them are baby boomers. They’re ready to retire, but they need someone like you to make them a fair offer and assure them you’ll take good care of their baby. It could be a major life event. Divorce. Death. A partnership goes south. Moran points out that if you go and look at the richest people in any country, they didn’t get there by starting new businesses from scratch; they got there by adding profitable businesses to their portfolio, one deal at a time.

Inside Acquisitions University Moran will teach you everything you need to know in order to follow suit. You’ll learn how to speak the language; how to be taken serious; how to protect your downside; deal finding; understanding the financials of a business; deal structuring; creative financing; negotiating; closing; operations; growing the business; and more.

How much does Acquisitions University cost? I’ve seen websites list anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. Moran asks you to fill out a short application and book a call with his team if you’re interested in learning more. Despite some chatter on Reddit and Ripoff Report claiming Moran Pober is a scammer, I don’t get that feeling at all. I think the guy is legit and his model is solid. My only objection is that it’s probably too advanced for the guy or gal with zero business experience who just wants to make some extra money online. If that’s you, check out the resource below.

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