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Passive Income Formula Review (Brandon Poulin)

Brandon Poulin Lambo

Ruh roh: douche with a Lambo alert! Let me guess, Brandon Poulin paid for that by selling other people an opportunity to be rich? Appears so. Here’s his latest promo. “I went from missing out on half a million dollars in passive income, to creating a consistent seven-figure-a-year passive income stream for me and my family,” he says. “I’m the cofounder of Passive Income Formula. I’m a believer [here we go again], husband, a father of two amazing daughters. I’m an award-winning entrepreneur.”

“I’ve done over $200 million in just my last company alone,” he continues, dousing us with his accolades as if he’s a human sprinkler. “I have an eight figure net worth [sure, we believe ya, Brandon, just like we believe in a secret underground society of singing gophers] with passive income investments that make me over seven-figures a year. Now all of that’s fine and dandy, and I honestly hate talking about it [then why did you?], but the best part about all of it? Is making sure my family’s taken care of no matter what.”

Apparently, Brandon and his wife, Kaelin, had this LadyBoss brand – with courses and coaching and supplements designed to help women lose weight fast – that they sold to that swindler Russell Brunson for a decent chunk of change. I guess that’s a little better than bottling up “passive income” and selling that from the start. But whatever. The guy still gives me the willies with his greasy guru energy. Anyhoo. No matter where you’re at in your passive income journey, Brandon and his business partner, Jim Dew, a certified financial partner, can assist.

Before Brandon hit his stride, he was in your shoes. Feeling trapped. Working his fingers to the bone. He knew he had to exit the rat race and make his capital do the heavy lifting. But the question was, how? And who could show him the ropes? Who could he trust? It felt like everyone had a hidden agenda. “Join my apartment syndication.” “Sink your money into this mutual fund,” they’d say. Right? Everyone in the financial space seemed to be pushing their own product and agenda. So, Brandon did what most folks do: nada. He paid down his house and built his savings.


Even worse, he bought some stocks and insurance products that he would later discover were laced with fat commissions and exorbitant fees. “Now, I know that these were some of the worst possible things I could’ve done,” Brandon says. “And those uneducated decisions cost me over half a million dollars in passive income that I could’ve made during that time. [Ah, yes, good old hindsight, the captain of the ‘shoulda, woulda, coulda’ team.] I took the hard road, lost hundreds of thousands in opportunity costs.”

From there, Brandon got himself a tattoo sleeve, spent hundreds of hours studying investing and wealth building principles, and surrounded himself with the right people. Today, his money game’s stronger than a steel fortress. And he can show ya how to create mostly or entirely passive income streams – just like he’s done. And just like Jim Dew’s done for all sorts of high net worth clients. Together, Brandon and Jim have vetted over 200 deals and created enough hands-free income to cover their lavish lifestyles, whether they work or not.

“Now that we’ve both achieved that goal, we wanna help you do the same,” Brandon pitches. “And that’s exactly why we’ve created our Passive Income Freedom Blueprint. Inside, we’ll pull back the curtain on the top little-to-no-money-down, semi-passive investments; fully-passive investments; and tax-saving strategies that big banks and financial institutions of America don’t want you to know about. And we’ll never receive a referral, a kickback, or a commission from any investments or strategies that we teach.” Right, so what’s the catch? Brandon swears there isn’t one. I believe that like I believe a YouTube thumbnail.

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