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Productivity Hacks From Forbes-Featured Abdul And Chance

Chance Abdul Hacks

Abdul and Chance sell an Officeless Agency Masterclass, a Modern Millionaires course, they both run their own agencies, they were mentioned in a Forbes article, and yet it seems like they never work. How do they manage to do it all? Read on. I’ll reveal their top three productivity hacks. The first of which is having an accountability partner. That was the biggest thing for Chance when he met Abdul. They pushed each other to new levels by gamifying execution.

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“A secret that we did,” Chance says, “was, we’d give each other three tasks for each week and we would put a hundred dollars on each one. Then, at the end of the week, by Sunday night, if you didn’t get it done, you owed the other person a hundred dollars.” Their second productivity hack is to spend the first fifteen minutes of every morning to plan out what you’re going to be working on. What are the big levers that will move you closer to your goal?

“When you do that, those fifteen minutes are probably the most valuable fifteen minutes that you’re going to spend throughout the course of the entire day,” Abdul explains. “Then after that you can start checking them off [the list of things you wrote down to do] one by one. That way you don’t owe your accountability partner any hundred dollar bills.” Basically, if you’re not planning for success, you’re planning for failure. So get clear on what needs done and do it.

Their third and final productivity hack is one you’ve heard a million times before but probably still don’t do: wake up earlier. The key is to go to bed earlier. Sounds obvious but people try to skip this part then they wonder why they’re exhausted when their alarm goes off at six. But when you’re up an hour or two earlier, those minutes are magical because they’re some of the only minutes where you’re not distracted by texts and emails and calls and even your own family.

Abdul Chance Trustpilot

From six a.m. to noon, that’s where you make your millions, or so say the Modern Millionaires. “These are some productivity habits or hacks that have grown our businesses really fast,” Abdul says. “Before we had implemented these habits into our lives, it was more difficult to grow. A lot of friction was there because all these other people’s agendas were coming into our schedules. We were waking up and checking our emails, but once we stopped, things just started flowing better.”

“We started doing things that mattered. Things which were not urgent, but really important, we started checking off our list. If you’re not focused on those thousand dollar an hour activities, you’re getting sidetracked, you’re not adding value to your bottom line. So work on these three things. Get an accountability partner, start your day early, and take the first few minutes to plan out exactly what you’re going to work on, and knock out those thousand dollar per hour activities before everyone wakes up.”

Chance and Abdul teach others how to flip leads using their online billboards strategy. You set up simple little paid ads on Facebook and Google and connect buyers with sellers. In turn, you get paid monthly as a middleman. Even though the ads are quick and easy to set up, business owners don’t have the time or interest to do it themselves. This is why they’ll cut you a check for four figures a month; especially when your service makes them several times that much back. Officeless Agency sells for five bucks. Modern Millionaires costs seven or eight grand.

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