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What Are The Best Dropshipping Products To Sell?


Jeraun Richards aka J Rich is an ecom millionaire who specializes in Shopify dropshipping. That’s where you find a product, let’s say a neon light, and you find a supplier who sells it for ten bucks; you go list it on your Shopify store for twenty bucks; drive traffic to your site; and when someone purchases it from you for twenty, you order it from the supplier for ten; they ship it directly to the customer; and you pocket the difference, right? But what are some good products to sell?

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“So as you can see from that overview,” J Rich says, “dropshipping is a very unique business model that allows you to virtually sell any product in the world without you having to touch it. And one of the most important things in dropshipping is finding an actual product that you can sell that people want to actually buy. So what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna take care of you and share the top dropshipping products you can sell for the current time that we’re in.”

The first one he suggests is an automatic toothpaste dispenser. It’s basically a device that you stick to your bathroom wall that allows you to put your toothpaste in it and then when you’re ready to brush, you just push the head of your toothbrush against the little dispenser thingy and poof, out comes the toothpaste. Makes brushing a little faster, little easier. More importantly, it’s one of those products where, when you run an ad for it, people are gonna go, “Oh my God, I need this!”

So you could come up with some really cool concepts for TikTok and IG video ads, right? Something that’d basically stop people mid-scroll and capture their attention, and then you tack on a well-thought-out headline and a call-to-action that clicks through to your store, right? But what about the numbers? Well, it sells on AliExpress for about five bucks per unit. And you could easily list it in your Shopify store for like nineteen-ninety-nine. Boom, four hundred percent markup, not bad.


Dropshipping product idea number two, J Rich says, is a bluetooth speaker eye mask. Think sleep mask but with the ability to connect wirelessly to your phone and play soothing music, for example, to help you catch some Zs. If you don’t think there’s a demand for this, just check out some of the apps on your phone that have millions of downloads that offer calming sounds like crashing waves or a crackling campfire or birds chirping or what have you. AliExpress has it for ten bucks; you could sell it for thirty.

Next up, he says you could take a look at dead skin remover devices. Think handheld buffer Uncle Gary oughta be using on his busted, cracked up feet. Health and beauty items always do well. You can snag a product like this for maybe nine bucks on AliExpress and drop ship it for, what, thirty-five bucks or so? Again, great margins. What else does J Rich have for us? An eyebrow stamp stencil kit, believe it or not. For girls (or guys, I guess) who need help shaping their brows. Good numbers, also very ad-friendly.

But he’s not done yet. Look at selfie ring lights for your phone. They attach easily and you can use it for better lighting for pictures or for filming videos or girls might even use it to do their makeup on the go. Could go viral on social media, if you market it right. There’s electric teeth whitening devices, wireless dust blowers (for cleaning out that nasty keyboard, for example), all sorts of stuff. But I think you get the point. You wanna look for dropshipping products that not only have huge demand and great profit potential, but that could cut through the noise online and actually get people interested.

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