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Crypto Investor Pro Mastercourse Review


Andy Proper is the President of CryptoInvestor.pro, a company he created alongside Justin McCormick. They offer a free Crypto Investing 101 course, a Mastercourse you can buy for $1,997, and a CIP Mastermind Group you can join for $297 per month. Okay, but can they really help you build passive income and long-term wealth with crypto? And whaddya need to know about bitcoin and blockchain? What are the risks? What about regulation? I’ll cover all that and more in this review.

Andy and Justin have grown and sold several tech companies. They’ve been investing in crypto for over six years; it makes up the largest percentage of their investment portfolio, and it’s what they’re most passionate about. Crypto Investor Pro, by their parent company, WealthFit, has now taught thousands of students cryptocurrency basics, the top coins to buy, what to watch out for in the future, and much more. Here’s what they think you should know, at an absolute minimum.

First, there’s over 23,000+ cryptocurrencies being bought and sold, every single day, across 500+ exchanges. Second, the entire industry has a market cap of about $1.1 trillion. That’s still pretty small. We’re early innings here. Third, bitcoin dominance is about 46%. Meaning almost half of that $1.1 trillion is held in bitcoin. Fourth, bitcoin’s worth about $30,000 at the time of writing this. No, you don’t need to buy an entire bitcoin to get in the game. It’s fractional. For example, you could buy 0.1 bitcoin for $3,000.

Fifth, crypto means secure and currency means money. So when you’re investing in cryptocurrency, by definition, you’re buying secure money. Sixth, the demand for bitcoin and ethereum and other cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly. Bitcoin wallet address have gone up an average of 477% every year since 2012. Pair that with the fixed supply of bitcoin (21 million coins) and it’s no wonder the price has gone up roughly 150% per year since its inception. This despite the extreme volatility everyone’s so scared of, right?

Justin McCormick

Keeping all that in mind, Andy says there are two characteristics of successful investors. One is awareness—of evolving economy, industries, trends, and demands. And another is courage—to place capital in assets prior to the masses. Crypto Investor Pro is here to provide the awareness, but you gotta bring the courage. Ask yourself: What percentage of your investable cash do you wanna allocate to crypto? How much risk are you willing to take on? And then, how active do you wanna be?

Andy and Justin suggest you get educated and take a more active role. Compared to your average crypto investor, who just buys, holds, and hopes for the best, actively trading allows you to (a) make gains whether the market’s going up, down, or sideways, and (b) boost your ROI exponentially, even if you don’t nail the tops and bottoms. This means sometimes you’re long, sometimes you’re short, and other times you’re mostly in cash, like a coiled snake, waiting to strike.

“Now the honest truth is, if you are new to crypto, there is so much more you need to learn,” Andy closes with. “Even if you’re experienced, maybe you’ve lost money in crypto before, you need to learn the frameworks and get plugged into a community that can show you how to reach your financial goals faster. Either way, the next logical step for you to take is to join us online in our Crypto Investor Pro Mastercourse. It’s taught by myself and Justin. It’s about 20-hours in length.” Again, cost is $1,997. My take? I’m smitten like a kitten with a ball of yarn.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.