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Anthony Morrison’s Mom Says You Should PWA

Anthony Morrison Italy

Momma Morrison makes an appearance in Anthony’s latest YouTube ad for his Partner With Anthony (PWA) program. He tees it right up for her, asking how beginners on the internet can make money. “With affiliate marketing,” she says, before confirming that that’s how Anthony made his first million online. Not from teaching people, believe it or not. But then he did start teaching it, and his first student was his brother Adrian. And Adrian went on to make millions with affiliate marketing as well.

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And now, of course, all Anthony and Adrian do is teach. But so what, if it works, right? Well, his mom claims she’s met many of her boys’ students when they’ve been on vacations together, and they all said they were making money, so there’s that. “Listen guys, you gotta stop doing these fads,” Anthony says. “Stop chasing the trends, the stuff that’s here today, gone tomorrow. I’ve been making millions of dollars with affiliate marketing since way back when I was in college, and it’s still working to this very day.”

“Affiliate marketing is where you partner with other companies,” he explains. “You don’t have to build your own websites, you don’t have to stock products and spend a fortune on inventory and stuff like that. You don’t have to do customer support and processing and all that garbage. You do one simple thing. So if you’re tired of spinning your wheels, trying business models that don’t work, and you wanna do something that’s been working for multiple decades for me, I’ll show you how it’s done.”

“Because this is not about me, nor should it be. This is about you. I would like to let you just plug in to my PWA ecosystem; the exact one I’m using right now to generate all kinds of commissions. This means I do all the selling for you and you can completely leverage me to earn your commissions. Is it difficult? Is it hard? No. These affiliate commission require absolutely no selling, no customer support, and no dropshipping. Okay? This is literally digital marketing at its core. It’s a much simpler way to build wealth on the internet.”

PWA Insider

So what’s the catch, right? Why would Anthony want to partner with little ole you? What’s in it for him? Money, duh. He gets an override on every sale you refer. “So that simply means, when you make money? I make money,” he says. “The more money you make, the more money I make. I’ve been doing this for over a decade at a 7-figure or more, per year, level. Think of my override as a bonus for helping you out. Which means, of course, I have a vested interest in you being successful. Where have you ever heard that before?”

“That’s why it makes sense for anyone who wants to make money online to partner with me, to follow what I’m teaching here, to let me work with you because we’re both gonna benefit. Now do I guarantee you’ll make millions? Let’s just cut to the chase. No, I don’t guarantee you millions. I can’t even guarantee you’ll make a dollar. But I’ve made a boatload of money doing this and so have many of my past PWA members, so what I’m saying is, stop buying courses and start partnering with a multi-millionaire like me.”

“Working together is a simpler path to success as compared to you continuing to try and do it on your own, watching some outdated videos like most gurus give you, okay? So what’s this gonna cost? Very soon I’ll be charging $197 per month for this. But right now, you can get in at the ‘founder’s discount’ of just $7 per month.” Plus all the upsells Anthony shoves in your face as soon as you submit payment. My honest opinion? This is basically an MLM biz opp disguised as affiliate marketing. Hard pass.

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