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Starke E-Commerce Review

Born In Miami

Brandon Rangel is the Miami-based marketer who founded Starke E Commerce. His brother, Bradiel, who is pictured below, is the Director of Operations. Their company sells fully managed Amazon stores. That means they’ll help you get an LLC set up, they’ll get you approved with Amazon, hook you up with suppliers, handle all the product listings, the marketing—everything, basically, so that you can just sit back and collect checks. Read on for my review.

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Brandon takes you through the usual Amazon automation pitch. Ecom is booming, it’ll be like an eleventy trillion dollar industry in a few years, way better than those done-for-you trucking offers, blah blah blah. By the way, did you ever notice that it’s always young, good-looking bros from Miami who sell these types of offers? I wonder why that is. Anyhoo, Brandon says this is the number one way to generate passive income online, so you can enjoy your days and do whatever you want with them.

“As you know, most people’s monthly recurring expenses (or bills) exceed their current income,” he adds. “But the biggest problem is that most people do not have the time or knowledge to figure out how to generate additional income outside of their jobs to combat this issue. However, thankfully, this new Amazon automation store opportunity provides a shortcut that quickly solves this problem for you. There’s no time commitment for you, no work required—just enjoy the residual income.”

How’s it work? Step No. 1 is they’ll assign you a Success Manager to work personally with you and guide you through the whole process. They’ll assist in registering your LLC, getting any permits you need, as well as setting up your very own store on Amazon. Step No. 2 is they’ll sign you up with their trusted suppliers. Then they’ll create product listings and optimize them so that you start showing up whenever someone’s searching for those products on Amazon.com. Their team of experts will manage your store day to day.

Bradiel Rangel

It’s funny, after summarizing each step, Brandon shows a text message “testimonial” that perfectly supports everything he just said. My BS Radar’s starting to beep a little. Step No. 3 is your store starts getting hundreds of sales; and they’ll make sure your customers receive their orders. Depending on the package you choose, the net profit split may vary, but it’ll look something like 70/30 in your favor. While that sounds lovely, you’ll have to trust that they’ll be honest about the monthly expenses.

He flashes a few Starke Ecommerce Profit & Loss Statements on the screen. When it’s all said and done, looks like the owner of those sample stores is pocketing anywhere from $395 to $5,922 a month. Depending on where you’d fall in that range, it’s either ridiculously risky or a no-brainer, right? I mean, by the time you pay their huge upfront fee, plus pay for inventory, plus wait for months and months for this thing to get off the ground, it’d have to be closer to $5- or $6 Gs, take-home, per month, for it to make sense.

They do have some video clips from supposed past clients. This blonde chick, @ErikaMarieee28 on Instagram, says, “I just wanted to thank Brandon and his team at Starke E-Commerce. We took a leap of faith about a few months ago and we’re so happy that we did. We were hoping to make a little bit of extra cash every month—the little bit ended up turning into a few thousand. We love that it’s automated, store’s doing great, we just wish that we would’ve started sooner.” *Beep beep beep*

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